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    Default Re: Talakeal's Gaming Horror Stories Continued (not really)

    Quote Originally Posted by Earthwalker View Post
    Is fine as long as you are honest.
    What is not fine, is when discussing the kind of game you are running. Is Lying to the players about the kind of game you run.

    What purpose does lying to the players about your gaming style serve ?
    Well I would probably say that I might occasionally fudge rolls if asked directly. But the thing is that I probably wouldn't bring it up if I wasn't asked directly, since I don't think it's really a fundamental part of gaming style in the way some people here seem to be claiming. It's kind of a minor thing. Major things would be things like how I handle character death, the tone, narrative structure, character time in the spotlight. Minor fudges for one reason or another is not a big enough deal for me to consider it part of my "gaming style". This is particularly true of things like "Random Encounter Tables" which if you'll look upthread is what started this whole argument, Tal basically claimed that "changing the results on an encounter table" was equivalent to cheating. Which might be more true in his somewhat bizarre completely table based system (at which point honestly you don't even really need a DM at all).

    The other thing is that, what I was talking about was a DM who didn't intend to fudge rolls at the beginning of the campaign deciding to do it at a later date. At which point you can't really announce it or people will know which rolls you're fudging, unless you wait to do it. I would say that's not a big deal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Earthwalker View Post
    GM: I am thinking about running a RPG would you like to play ?
    Player : What kind of RPG are you wanting to run ?
    GM: That's none of your business.
    But that's not what anybody has been advocating for. What (and I believe others) have been saying is that "fudging" isn't a fundamental aspect of the game enough that it would come up or be relevant in that discussion.
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