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    You consider lying?
    It should be assumed DMs lie all the time. They are repeatedly required to mislead, deceive, manipulate, bluff, obfuscate and misdirect the players.

    It's one of the skills required to be a good DM.

    Player: Ill search the door thoroughly for any traps.
    DM: (Rolls for player in secret, gets a crap roll, knows door is trapped. Casually states): This door doesn't look any different from any of the others mate.
    Player: I open the d...
    DM: *BOOM* (making everyone at the table jump) is the sound of the fireball trap going off as you do so. (or) *inhaling sharply while faking a look of concern for the player to get them worried* It's trapped. You missed it. Fireball. A big one too. Your world becomes fire.

    And so on and so forth. You're using flat out deceit and showmanship, misdirection and other techniques to enhance the game.

    You do it for entertainment reasons, story reasons, to maintain surprise or keep the players guessing etc.
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