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    I just have to ask: do you seriously not see the difference between lying about how you DM versus acting in the game? One is telling the untruth about what someone can expect from your game; the other one is telling a story.

    When an author writes a novel, he is obviously "lying"; what he's writing about hasn't happened. But that's not the same as the author saying "I will never kill off this character" and then doing it anyway in his next novel. One of them is telling a story; the other one is misrepresenting how that story is being told. It's a lie on a completely different level.
    I could tell my players 'it's unlikely you will die in this campaign for no other reason other than random chance.'

    But I'd rather not telegraph that to them because it ruins the suspense. If they know that I'll pull punches from time to time, it kills the sense of danger, excitement and accomplishment.

    This is also why I throw many a dice down in front of the table and let them fall where they may. That helps maintain the illusion.
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