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    Thanksmas Morning

    The sniffle comes again, but Magtok will see a smile under it after he moves his chair close. "Everything's fine, Dad. Better even." Renee admits, wiping her eyes on her sleeve before sliding off her own chair to give him a tight hug. "Merry Thanksmas, Dad. Everyone else says hello too." She says, smiling before backing off to go sweep up a couple presents in her arms. "Here, I got you these." Hopefully the presents would do well enough to deflect the topic away from why she'd been sniffling. Behind her, Junior shuffles in slowly from the kitchen, a platter of cookies and a couple cups of coffee carried in on his back for Magtok and Caelynn. The grub was sporting a little red nose and a tiny pair of antlers. Where he got them is probably going to remain a mystery.

    The two presents fairly light and seem to come in the typical clothing gift boxes that plenty of department stores package their holiday gifts in. One was significantly larger than the other though. The smaller box contains several pairs of socks...all of which are brightly colored with unicorns and ladybugs and even one set that's pink with white hearts. The second box holds a long billowing black cape with plum silk interior lining. The collar looks like it could pull up to obscure most of his head, and resting right on top is a shining chrome Pulp-Style Raygun. There's extra ammo included.

    "And I didn't forget you too. I had to take a bit of a gamble since I don't know much about you, but I figured that if you're with my father there's a certain mindset that you might have." Renee tells Caelynn, offering her a package of her own. Inside rests her own cloak, much like Magtok's, but of a much deeper indigo. There's a matching elegant domino mask and her own smaller(but no less shiny) raygun as well. "I hope you two enjoy them. I do hope I haven't misread the situation though. If that's the case, um...sorry."
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