Ok, lets see. Left off at the dock fight.

Right. It was Skabad, Lobos, the dwarf ally, and about 15 minions in three squads against 8 cyber zombies. I say zombies but the nanites that have hijacked the bodies didn't make them slow or stupid, they're just having a severe lifestyle change shock. All the minions but Smith (who now has a name) died, and a pile of them got blown up to take out a zombie. Skabad got grappled, injected, knocked out, and an arm punched off. Lobos managed to slip out of grapples before being injected and realized that there's no place here to buy more ammo for his bolter pistol. The ally got punched down to 0 hp and a single body crit, his response being to start overcasting blast spells Perils of the Warp be damned.

So they squeaked through (one cyber-zombie got pulled into the warp and will reappear on an inhabited planet in a few weeks) and decided to hole up in a nearby garage while the werewolf regenerated. They scavenged a Syrnth multitool-like device (tech 25 to get it to turn into the right tool for the job, less than 15 jams it, 25 unjams, free raise if you can read Syrnth), didn't try to repair an ancient grav-bike, and took an almost 8 hour rest. Kind unfortunate you don't full heal and cure all poisons, diseases, and fix everything just by taking a long nap, right? Eh, we can handle not being coddled by a game.

Guess who has no food or water. Right, the PCs who were supposed to be on an hour or two long scouting mission. They got worried when the explosions started at hour 7 of the rest. The werewolf regenerated a cyber-arm, a Syrnth rogue nanite infused cyber-arm. Players are so cute when they worry. They came out and... the cyber-zombies they killed were still dead, the minions that were exploded or head mulched were still dead, the 10 mostly intact dead minions were now cyber-zombies. They decided to sneak past this time.

They considered going onto the ship but they identified the explosions as "spaceship being shot by another spaceship", that and some air leakage convinced them to abandon the dock and jam airlock doors shut behind them. I did have the ship bit worked out in case they wanted in. They were fast enough escaping to miss the parade of cyber zombies with wheelbarrows of stuff and a dark mechanus evacuating the ship.