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I just installed Skyrim SE and am about to start setting up mods while Im thinking what kind of character I want to play. I still love mages, but think I'll try something different this time.

Any ideas for playing a bard type character in skyrim? The obvious would be the Become a Bard mod, but actual gameplay Im unsure. Im thinking a spellblade, using 1h weapons and illusion magic. Ordinator is a given, since iirc it even had perks for playing spellblades.
I find illusion works great at low levels... I can buy Fury in Riverwood (?) and use it on the bandits in the Barrow. Calm and Rally-type spells are also good, and it's easy to turn them into a levelling engine... casting Muffle as you walk along to build your Illusion skill. The various perks really help, but I come to detest the level cap... it's too easy to exceed it before you get the boosters to improve your effective calm/fury level.