[Geneva's Lab]

"I used to know another 'Anomaly', as she put it," Wenomir says. "He was one of our founding members, DC. He's dead now, but his soul is still present, in some form. And if 'One' absorbs it, the effects will be catastrophic. DC was powerful enough in his own right." He suspects this might not be enough, though. Their request clearly shook Geneva to her core.

[Belated Welcome Wagon]

"I did. They pumped it into me and I was one of the few who survived the treatment," Wenomir says. "I managed to get rid of it eventually. It gave me power in the superficial sense, but in reality it held me back." He shakes his head. "But I got to the Nexus after they had me slaughter a whole village. I still don't know why. But that was when I snapped out of my brainwashing and fled."