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Thread: Hard mode Pathfinder

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    Default Ambush the bush of ambush

    "Let's get ready then."
    Spoiler: initiative
    Also I hope it's ONCE per fight we're doing initiative otherwise that'll get too annoying via forums

    Since everyone was already granted the feat and only Clarity, who doesn't need it, left my range they still have it
    then Airmid channels as a standard action into her shield to give everyone +6 to their AC as a shield bonus,
    and extends her armor as a free action to grant Hyen, Zarvum and Zetaya a circumstance bonus to their armor of
    +5, as we aren't in combat yet this was all just preparation for the upcoming fight and not actually her turn.
    Though, since her shield now goes as per the light spell, the element of surprise may not be here anymore.
    She truly is the tiniest and shiniest.

    LoH : 12/14
    Rnds of shield bonus : 8/8
    Adj. Ally AC bonus : +11
    My current AC : 19 (extending the Bulwark denies myself my own armor bonus)
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