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Cassandra The Red
Spoiler: Giant Image

Spoiler: Stuff

Dragon 310 Base Class Variants: Fighter – Corsair (page 34)
Flaws: UA 92: Frail – 1 less HP/lvl gained, Shaky - -2 to ranged attack rolls
Weapon: Rapier, Natural Weapons (Warshaper)
CN Corsair 4/Swashbuckler 1/Warshaper 1

Races: Carp Hengeyokai (OA 10)
-2 WIS, Medium, speed 30 – human
+2 DEX, Medium, speed 10, swim 30 – hybrid
STR 1, DEX 20, CON 10, Dimunitive, swim 10, AC 19 – animal (carp)
Alternate Form: human, hybrid, animal (carp), usable 1xday/char lvl
Lowlight, communicate w/ fish

Point Buy:
STR 13 DEX 17 CON 13 INT 12 WIS 10 CHA 11
lvl 4 point into DEX

HP: 5d10+1d8

Spoiler: Corsair

Corsair: As fighter, but: all simple/martial weapons, light armor and shields (no tower).

Special Abilities: gain 1 for free at 1st and 2nd level, and can choose in place of any bonus feat: Climb-Fighting- not flat footed when climbing (replaced w/ shape soulmeld), **Rope Movement- Use Rope in place of Tumble, **Slow Fall – sword through sail, **Swinging Bull Rush – wrecking ball, Big Breath – make CON checks for drowning every other round, Ocean Tangle – use swim check instead of grapple check in opposed rolls

Swinging Bull Rush
: references Dragon 306. On page 48, the “rules” for Rope Tricks appear. “When you swing on a rope or similar flexible object you move in a straight line that passes under where the rope is affixed to a spot double the distance from where you are to a point level with you but beneath where the rope is attached. Make a DC 10 Climb check, or DC 15 if 1 handed to safely complete the swing and land at your destination, or maintain your hold on the rope after completing the first swing. Failing by 5 or more results in losing your grip during the swing. The distance you cover in a swing counts against your move distance in a round (Swinging Bull Rush happens after a "charge", so your move distance is doubled.). If you swing more than 20 feet, and jump in the direction of the swing, you may count it as a running jump. If you attack a creature while swinging on a rope, your movement stops. On the following round you may continue the swing, or drop off the rope. If you have Spring Attack, you can swing, attack, and continue the swing provided you have enough movement to do so. You Provoke AoO’s normally while swinging on a rope, you may use the Tumble skill to avoid them. Each successive swing beyond the first moves 5ft less distance.

Spoiler: Build/Feats

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Corsair +1 +2 +0 +0 Balance 4, Climb 1, Jump 3, Use Rope 4 Hidden Talent - Dimension Hop, (B) Shape Soulmeld - Phase Cloak, (B) Power Attack, (B)Water Devotion Rope Movement, 2x Flaws
2nd Corsair 2 +2 +3 +0 +0 Balance 5, Jump 4, Use Rope 5 (B)Improved Bull Rush Swinging Bull Rush
3rd Swashbuckler +3 +5 +0 +0 Climb 2, Jump 5, Swim 1, Tumble 1, Use Rope 6 (B)Weapon Finesse, Sea Legs -
4th Corsair 3 +4 +5 +1 +1 Climb 3, Nimble Charge - -
5th Warshaper +4 +7 +1 +1 Climb 4, Escape Artist 1, Swim 2 - Morphic Immunities, Morphic Weapons
6th Corsair 4 +5 +8 +1 +1 Use Rope 9 Shape Soulmeld - Acrobat Boots (B)Slow Fall

1- Multi-Attack – all 2ndary nat attacks at -2 to hit
2- Close Quarter’s Fighting – get an AoO whenever opponent tries to grapple you
3- Combat Reflexes – DEX AoO’s/round
4- Agile Athlete – use DEX instead of STR on climb/jump
5- Extended Reach - +5ft reach on tentacle-like attacks
6- Dodge - +1 AC vs 1 target
7- Mobility - +4 Dodge bonus to AC vs AoO
8- Spring Attack – move, attack, move
9- Iron Will - +2 WILL
0- Lightning Reflexes - +2 REF

Spoiler: Explained

Wait, Power Attack AND Weapon Finesse in the same build?!?!?

Weapon Finesse can explicitly be used with natural weapons. Power Attack can’t be used with light weapons (like a rapier), but can be used with natural weapons. Power Attack is also a pre-req for Improved Bull Rush, which in turn in used for Swinging Bull Rush to prevent AoO’s when go-go-gadget wrecking balling. However, Power Attack and Weapon Finesse will work together once Warshaper’s Morphic Weapons comes online. Warshaper is inherently broken as there is no limit per RAW as to how many natural weapons you can grow, it simply states that it’s a standard action to grow each one. Nothing stops you from growing 8 tentacles and having them stuffed down your shirt to be pulled out later when needed, nor stop you from growing a bunch of extra arms, or claws, or whatever. Plus, you can go hybrid form and have a pile of tentacles to attack with in the water when needed, grapple on someone and drag them to the depths with you. Theoretically you could grow a tentacle, and then improve it immediately to the next damage level as well. All these secondary attacks will get a chance to hit at only -2 thanks to Multi-attack, and threaten an extra 5 ft thanks to Extended Reach.

While on ship, Nimble Charge, combined with Rope Movement and Phase Cloak and Balance pretty much grants you free movement for most purposes, Sea Legs also helps a bit. Should you get in trouble and fail an opposed grapple check, despite having an AoO to prevent it, you can always use a Dimension Hop as a get out of jail free card. Climb and jump your way around ship to your hearts content like Will Turner or Captain Jack Sparrow. Leave the running of the ship to the deckhands, you are a Marine.

Fall in the water? You have a swim speed with both hybrid and animal forms. Drowning? Turn into a carp and enjoy the current. Be a tentacle mass in hybrid form as well for some sweet intimidation fun.

See sources below, but you also have a small or medium Water Elemental available 1/day for 1 min which can either be a fellow combatant or used to harass other ships.

Thanks to Agile Athlete, all but 1 of our skills (swim, which is pretty useless on a Carp Hengeyokai anyways) are DEX dependent. Final tallies with bonuses and synergies, plus 4 from DEX: Balance 15, Climb 24, Escape Artist 7, Jump 13, Swim 3, Tumble 11, Use Rope 15. Anytime a tumble roll is called for and there is rope around, you use rope instead of tumble.

Spoiler: Sources

Complete Champion – Water Devotion (64)
Complete Psionic – Dimension Hop (83)
Complete Scoundrel – Nimble Charge (87)
Complete Warrior – Close Quarter’s Fighting (97), Swashbuckler (11), Warshaper (90)
Dragon 310 – Corsair (22)
Expanded Psionics Handbook – Hidden Talent (67)
Magic of Incarnum – Shape Soulmeld (40): Acrobat Boots (54), Phase Cloak (82)
Monster Manual – Multiattack (304)
Oriental Adventures – Hengeyokai (10)
PHB – Fighter (38), Feats
Races of the Wild – Agile Athlete (148)
Savage Species – Extended Reach (34)
Stormwrack – Sea Legs (94)
Unearthed Arcana – Flaws (92) - #’s 2,4,12,17* 17 specifically calls out that the ground can be land or water. This is most important in utilizing the summon water elemental ability of water devotion as you don’t have to be on land to do so. Of course you could go all “Waterworld” and carry around a pot(or pots) of soil that you’d pour water onto to summon the elemental if you wanted to.