[Geneva's Lab]

There it is. Information.
The key components to forming any concrete plan, any definitive solution.

Thus far she isn't a big fan of what the picture this information is painting.
Purple can see why they were leaping for the easy "trap the soul" solution, unfortunately. In the face of great challenge, most seek the quickest and simplest resolution to get them away from it. It's a short-term sort of view, but that's just the way most life works.

Thankfully for Geneva, the ranting about the general inappropriateness of all of this is dying down.
Even if she's really, really tempted to say "told you so", in the face of what is clearly the consequences of someone's prior soul tampering. What were they thinking?
Why is it so unacceptable for the 'bonded fragments' to go back where they belong? That sounds important.

There's a little chalkboard being whisked into mental existence, in the back of Geneva's head. Notes are being taken.
A flickering image of some hulking, semi-holographic beast surrounded by floating shards of glass springs into being nearby.
1. Empowered by foreign divine element
2. Foreign divine element freed by death (unacceptable? why?)
3. Seeks bonding to other similar fragments, A2-A4
4. Highly martially adept, manipulates 'hard-light'
It sounds like if we can negate any of these particular points, the problem would be solved. Right? If he has no divine power, he isn't a threat. If loosing the fragment isn't a problem, then we can just do that. If he gives up on the others, that ascension won't be a risk. If his combat proficiencies are nullified, he can't kill anyone to absorb them.