[Geneva's Lab]

'Hard Light' manipulation, limited omniscience, generalized 'psychic' powers, and some form of biokinesis.

Not... really a whole lot in common there. Unless you take a really broad category like 'controlling things with your mind' as the basis.

Not much to go on, there.


That's somewhere to start.

"Ideally I would want to run tests on this hard light ability to build counter-measures, but I doubt A-1 would be willing to submit to testing," Geneva reasons. "Barring that, I think the most effective avenue of research would be to find a way to disrupt the connection between the host soul and the fragment. If there's no way to interface, then there's no way to manifest the abilities. Rather than contain, we disrupt. But-"

Geneva frowns.

"Without the ability to manifest the hard light constructs, I take it A-1 would pass on to whatever afterlife is reserved for brutal murderers? And the fragment would return to... wherever it goes?"

She can see why this is such a nettley problem.

She can also see why messing with souls is a terrible plan in the first place.

Maybe some way to siphon the power off? That would be welcome, but that sort of magic is typically foul to say the least. ~Do you remember any details on that creature? It sounds like the sort of thing that would be cast into chains of darkness in the depths of Tartarus forever.~

[Lower Village - The Lakeshore]

"It's nice to meet you, Iamar," Geneva replies with her best smile. Given that she has a beak, only the corners turn up a little bit. The expression is mostly in her eyes. "And yes! Well, no. Mostly? Teleportation often still has some degree of transit time, depending on the type. But for all effects and purposes, it may as well be instant. Non-Newtonian motion, moving between locations without crossing the intervening space. It's a subject I've studied intensively. And it's good to know about, since VIGIL's enemies have used it before to dump gaggles of monsters into our base."

Which is why the old one exploded.

"So the goal is to have hardware in place to prevent that from happening again. Or at least something we can switch on after the first few pop in to prevent them from getting any reinforcements,"
Geneva explains. "So! What about you? What do you do here at VIGIL, miss Iamar?"

She glances briefly at the sword.

Probably has something to do with that, she would bet.

[Belated Welcome Wagon]

"That's pretty fortunate," Zee replies as she follows Wenomir through the grounds. "If you don't mind the comment, I can tell that you're operating right at the edge of what's bio-mechanically possible for a human. I wouldn't be able to say what the cause is, though."

Probably not Captain America super soldier serum.

"When it comes to the sorts of threats that pop up here, though, people need whatever advantages they can get. Some of the things the Nexus has had to endure over the years have been... well. You know. You've been here to see most of the worst of them."