Spoiler: DM Relfex Saves and Airmid
Okay so the bite missed, the second attack hit but was given to Airmid, the third (thanks to the AC bonus of 17) missed. Here are my reflex saves for myself (1d20+5)[13] and my stuff (mainly my clothing) (1d20+5)[10]

"The breeze will lull you to SLEEP!" She yells as she puts all she has into this blow.

Spoiler: DM
I will be using knockout for this next attack. (If I hit) It's a fortitude save and the DC is 10+1/2 brawler level + str or dex mod (whichever is higher), so the DC is 19. If it fails it is unconscious for 1d6 rounds. My elemental assault is still going off with acid.


Acid Damage