Outside the Base

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[Outside the Base]

The third elemental's face is punched in and it collapses on the ground into a big pile of ash which quickly simply fades out of existence.
But as she is stabbing the second elemental the fourth one is closing in.

Yet before in can reach the ribbon, the ground underneath them all suddenly shakes violently, throwing the elemental, and potentially Saint Laz, to the ground as the area they're in seem to be experiencing a limited earthquake.

The cause of said strangely limited earthquake is coming straight towards Calm Reed. The monk can't miss it as the hydra's footsteps are literary causing a earthquake underneath it as it roars. She can feel it coming towards her, she can feel it so strongly that she might fall over as the ground shakes violently.
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[Outside the Base]

Calm Reed almost does fall down as the ground under her feat churns and rebels. Then she crosses her arms over her chest and then lowers them, pointing them diagonally downwards. Centring herself this way, earth Essence flows through her as she assumes a stance of the Earth Dragon style and gains sure footing. She continues stoically waiting for the hydra to arrive, her feet always managing to remain firmly on the unsteady ground.

Saint Lazarus rolls along the ground, trying to put some distance between herself and the elemental, even if the ground is too unstable for her to get up and run right now. In between the more tumultuous quakes, she'll try to at least get her knees up and underneath her, to have something at least vaguely resembling secure footing when the elementals go on the attack again. Maybe she can even find a way to use these quakes to her advantage, if these elementals are having as much trouble standing upright as she is.