Auto-purge is essential to playing F3/NV.

I've been trying to watch, but honestly what it's done isn't make the game enjoyable as much as it has tedious. Oh a skeever... and it takes 5 minutes to kill it. I mean... theoretically it should be the simplest thing in the game to kill. And instead he spends 5 minutes faffing about. Honestly I prefer something like Wildcat where you either succeed or die brutally, but either way it's a fast death.

Of course I have avoided the 'nothing is any challenge' issue by building my character towards a tremendous alpha, so even things with a ton of HP go down quickly, but if I don't manage to kill them, they insta-kill me. Dragons for instance, are still incredibly dangerous, if they don't make the mistake of putting themselves where I can alpha them, and they usually don't. Makes the game still enjoyable, no matter how much damage I can send down range.