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I am sure the ingame stats are somewhat exaggerated and high elves can produce qualified swordsmen but I have always wondered how they would fare on the battlefield. What we see in Skyrim are Thalmor Warriors who use onehanded, block, restoration magic and sneak as well as light armor.

Still I feel their spread is oddly...mundane. No bound weapons? No enchanted armor? I mean the magic artifacts ingame derive some meaning from the environment being rather mundane but the Thalmor of all people should have well-equipped forces.
Remember that the Thalmor are at least nominally restricted in what they can bring in both by logistics (theyre on the other end of the continent to their home base) and laws (theyre in what is functionally a hostile nation under invitation for a specific purpose). If they were to bring in a bunch of super assassin equipment and the Empire got wind of it, then they would take it and give it to their own people, and in the short term, the Thalmor would not be able to stop them.