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Like, unless red mountain and the argonian invasion were also thalmor plots, and those lanky yellow nazis are playing 4d chess, there's no good reason for the empire to be in half the decay it's in.
At least one person thought that's exactly what they've been doing.

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I do like it a lot, but you can't take the politics to be anything other than idiocy.
Isn't that typical of politics in general though?

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Until he blabs not only his own identity, but also that of every other agent in Vvardenfell - with addresses - to some random convict who just dropped in off the street... And even before then, it seems at least some soldiers knew who he was.
"Some random convict the Emperor knows is heavily tied into a prophecy to stop a great evil" != "some random convict period". And wasn't the package you give him at the game start specific instructions to tell you some of these things? (Serious question, it's been a while since I played.) It's not like he did it on a whim.