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At least one person thought that's exactly what they've been doing.
A nice read.

Every thalmor agent I've met had the charisma of a prolapse. They couldn't convince me the sky blue. Maybe it's just bethesda vision, maybe Mercer Frey was a masterful con to anyone but the very-special-dragonborn (not that Karliah even approached reasonably trustworthy ). The Thalmor are insufferable ****s even if, for any reason, you're playing an altmer. Hell, by altmer standards they're awful. Maybe it's skyrim's style that liars and bad people are exceptionally obvious to the player (except, of course, those few examples where good characters seem like bad characters), but the laws of chim say that, to everyone else, Thalmor agents have double digits of personality.

Hey, Dunmer are supposed to be worse socially than Altmer, Altmer are supposed to be socially average, but stats and the way they're represented in the games are very different. I have a hard time accepting 'thalmor master plan' or anything approaching such.

Did the Thalmor even exist pre-skyrim?