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    Ferra, Liberated

    Moment of Truth unlocked

    Gender: Goddess
    Ethnicity: Robot
    Skin: Too Many Spikes
    Clothes: Hottest Thing You've Seen
    Costume: None


    Danger: -1
    Freak: +1
    Savior: +3
    Superior: -2
    Mundane: +2

    Potential: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


    [ ] Afraid: -2 to directly engage a threat
    [ ] Angry: -2 to comfort or support or pierce the mask
    [ ] Guilty: -2 to provoke somebody or assess the situation
    [ ] Hopeless: -2 to unleash your powers
    [ ] Insecure: -2 to defend somebody or reject other's influence


    Super durability and strength: Ferra was designed to be a first responder to metahuman incidents. Surviving the incidents intact was an early goal.
    Solid light projection: Ferra was designed to be able to make simple constructs out of light and maintain them without attention. A shield, a wall, a dome, maybe a ramp. Time will tell what she's able to make.
    Thermal Control: Ferra was designed to modify temperatures of things she's touching. Melt her way through a wall, freeze a car so it stops being on fire, so on and so forth.
    Sonic Blasts: Ferra was designed with the ability to use different frequencies of sound in directed bursts as a crowd control effort, as well as disabling some tech with direct damage. Also, she can sing really well.
    Phasing Ferra was designed with experimental technology that can pull her resonant frequency slightly out of tune with the world: she can turn intangible, either partially or fully, and with effort can take others with her.

    Super-Intelligence Ferra was not designed with an absurd, worldshattering intellect in mind. Too bad for everyone else, that's how it turned out.
    Machine Control Ferra was also not designed to control other machines without a desperate need and an overwhelming foe. However, she can now, reaching out on some fundemental level and compelling electronics and other machines to do as she bids.


    A Mind Of Their Own: Your powers evolve and mutate. When you are facing an obstacle or threat that your powers would not be able to deal with, you can mark a condition to gain brand new abilities adapted to the situation. You lose these new powers once the danger is gone.
    Regeneration: Regeneration: When you’re taken out, you can trigger an emergency regeneration process. If you do, your body undergoes an unpredictable transformation, and in mere moments, you’re back on your feet and ready to fight. Clear three conditions and choose three from the list below:
    - Change your gender identity or presentation
    - Change your physical appearance
    - Forget all your lessons
    - Lose an important memory of a teammate; they lose Influence over you
    - Swap an ability with another one from the Newborn playbook
    Out Of This World: When you plug into the cosmic aether and turn out of this world, roll +Freak. On a hit, you come to a new, interesting insight on your current situation about your current problems and situation: the GM will tell you what. On a 10+, you may also shift your labels to reflect your new learning. On a miss, you realize something dangerous or terrible: the GM will tell you what, and shift your labels accordingly.

    A Blank Slate

    You were created with a basic understanding of the world. When you learn something that helps you make sense of the world, write it down as a lesson. Fill in two lessons when you create your character; fill in the other two when you’ve learned those lessons during play.
    - I am here to help.
    - A superhero is there to help and protect others.
    - Always look to improve.
    - Never think about the consequences of your actions!

    When you embody one of your lessons, shift one Label up and one Label down, your choice. If you cause a misunderstanding, collateral damage, or unintended consequences in the process, mark potential. When you reject one of your lessons, reject its Influence as if it were an NPC. If you choose to have it lose Influence over you, erase that lesson and write a new one in its stead.
    When you approach your creator or caretakers with a problem, tell them what obstacle you face or what you need to achieve, and they will offer you something you need. The GM chooses one:
    • secret information
    • a way to temporarily boost or expand your powers
    • access to instruments, weapons, or resources
    • official and explicit backing
    If you accept their help, they rewrite one of your lessons for you.


    Who created you, and why?

    Dr. Gears made #749, a revolutionary inventor, designer, superhero, and overall mad scientist. His designs were years ahead of their time, a self repairing, self aware robot, an artificial person built to be the best of ourselves. She was the first of a new line of protectors, first responders who could address emergencies far better than your average, non-powered individual.

    Dr. Gears died in a confrontation with the Silver Royals, twenty four years ago. His secret laboratory, his unfinished projects, and the Gears Foundation, only one of which had any plans at all for his death. The foundation has slowly, methodically been going through his designs, trying to finalize, retrofit, reverse engineer, and otherwise try to figure out how to use his inventions for the public good.

    How are you different from humans?

    The metal skin is a giveaway, most of the time. Stronger, tougher, adaptable... no memory, and a series of directives to follow. Exactly what the directives are, other than something she needs to obey, is still being figured out.

    Who, outside of your team, is your caretaker?

    That'd be the Gears Foundation. Since the first invention they found that was complete and marketable was, in fact, a better mousetrap, they've got enough funds to keep operating even well into the future. The current leader of the foundation, Professor Gears (granddaughter of the original), has taken it as her mission to use the inventions for the benefit of humanity. GI 749 was activated. After it was discovered that she was a person instead of an unthinking machine by an intern with a bad sense of latin, she was dubbed Ferra.

    What about humanity fascinates you?

    17:24 ==NotFerra joined the chat==
    17:24 NotFerra: I was asked to explain to Dominus why I am not "a supervillian's wet dream".
    17:24 NotFerra: So I will.
    17:24 NotFerra: Do you know what one of the first things I saw was?
    17:24 NotFerra: Yes, answering literally, it was Sara's face.
    17:24 NotFerra: But after the fight was over, and we were cleaning up.
    17:24 NotFerra: The first thing I noticed, was not the damage from this fight.
    17:24 NotFerra: It was the scars from damage from a previous fight.
    17:24 NotFerra: And the debris from the current issue was being cleared away, and already there were repair groups working, within a half hour.
    17:24 NotFerra: You, as a species, have had to deal with metahumans for over a century.
    17:24 NotFerra: You have had your cities hit by asteroids, giant robots, orbital lasers, armies of mutated frogs, and on one occasion a plague of bio-enhanced goats.
    17:24 NotFerra: You have then proceeded, each time, to build your cities in the exact same place.
    17:24 NotFerra: Every.
    17:24 NotFerra: Time.
    17:24 NotFerra: You are tenacious, to the point of stupidity.
    17:24 NotFerra: One would think you would have switched to a decentralized population model, or otherwise made some sort of preparation for a disaster you cannot contain.
    17:24 NotFerra: But so far, you have managed to contain every single one.
    17:24 NotFerra: Who would not want to watch, and help along the way?
    17:24 ==NotFerra has left the chat==
    17:26 Angel-IKA: wtf why do you type so fast?!

    Why do you care about your team?

    You mean beyond the part where they woke me from sleep mode and then proceeded to treat me as an equal instead of a "SecretaryBot" like most everyone else outside of the Gears Foundation? Nothing at all.


    -Errant is an exemplary human; they show you around and tell you how things work.

    AEGIS is the best example of human tenacity that I can think of without bringing up domestication of animals. They have very limited funds, they have tenuous authority at best, and they are either hated for not doing their job or doing their job, depending on which is more profitable to the given corporation. And they're still trucking along and doing their best to save everyone.

    -The behavior of Brainstorm confuses you again and again; you’re determined to understand humanity better by studying them.

    Is this what Dr. Gears would be like?

    -The team discovered you during the incident; thanks to them, you reached the outside world and helped in the fight. Where and how did they find you? Who gave you your first nickname?

    The Gears Foundation HQ (or, more accurately, Dr. Gears' ex-laboratory) was on the edge of the area the the Martian invasion capsules had landed on, and was un/lucky enough to have one punch a hole straight through from the street to the sublevel housing #749. The team was having trouble containing the warcrawlers that were spilling out of the capsule, so they decided to have Brainstorm and Sarahphim activate any sort of defense mechanism they could while Errant was crowd control. Ferra turned out to be quite an effective defense mechanism indeed.


    Influenced by Errant
    Influenced by Brainstorm
    Influenced by Saraphim

    Influencing Errant
    Influencing Brainstorm
    Influencing Saraphim
    Influencing Junebird
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