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    Euna Kim

    She's here, with her feet planted firmly on the ground. Her track star body turned to one side, one matte black arm held out in challenge, the other curled behind her back. Her hair falls to her shoulders in an unbroken silver sheet. Not a strand out of place. Not a thread loose on the blue and gold jumpsuit version of her uniform. She's got a perfect poker face to match. It's just the eyes that give her away, so full of light, darting this way and that, determined not to miss a thing. The knight Errant is here, and everything is just the way she practiced.

    "Listen, gentlemen, it's supposed to be movie night tonight so if you're not going to make the first move I'm going to have to."

    Cybernetic limbs
    Superstrength and durability
    Enhanced senses (multispectral visor)
    An alternate form (Limit-free mode)

    DANGER 1
    FREAK -1
    SAVIOR 2

    Before we get started: When you have time to closely observe your opposition before a fight, Roll +Savior. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, mark a condition and hold 1. During the fight, you can spend 1 hold to name a character you observed and
    • redirect their attack into another character or nowhere - into a wall or the sky
    • cross a distance between them and you
    • stun them, close up or from a distance
    • ignore all harm from one of their attacks
    • escape any bindings or impediments they attempt to place on you

    I can do this all day: When something causes you to remove yourself from a fight, you can shift Savior down (and another Label up) instead. If shifting Savior down would lower it below -2, you have to leave the fight instead of shifting Labels.

    No, you move: When you demand that an NPC live up to a higher moral code, roll + Savior. On a hit, they have to meet your standard or mark a Condition. On a 10+, take Influence over them as well. On a miss, they reveal that the conflict in question is more complicated than it seems; give them Influence over you.

    When you're acting on orders and relying on your training, give AEGIS Influence over you to use Soldier instead of any other label when you use a basic or playbook move.
    When you invoke your authority over citizens, Neo-Halcyon City personnel, or AEGIS staff, roll +Soldier. On a hit, your words carry weight. On a 7-9, someone will push back against your instructions or orders... sooner rather than later. On a miss, your attempts to control the situation create an opportunity for your enemies within AEGIS to act against you
    When you ask AEGIS for additional resources, equipment, or information during a mission, roll +Soldier.

    Triumphant Celebration: When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them what they need to do to achieve their full potential. If they accept your advice, take Influence over them and add 2 Team to the pool. If they reject what you have to say, mark a condition.
    Vulnerability: When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them what cause they serve. If you find it to be a worth cause, tell them how you will fight for it, clear a condition, and add a Team to the pool. If they don't have a cause (or you find it unworthy), mark a condition.

    - What tragedy or disaster lead to you gaining your abilities?
    "Do you know about the Atlas Arcology incident? The one where their power grid went nuts and the 55th floor mall went up in flames. My p-- well, I. I was there when it happened. Lungs full of smoke, people screaming everywhere. I ate a chest full of glass when something blew up near me. That was the first hint I had that I was special: I wasn't dead. The rest is... hazy. I remember part of a wall collapsing on a bunch of us, and I vaguely remember trying to move it. Next thing I knew I was in the hospital, and my legs were... actually, let's stop there."

    - What inspired you to officially join AEGIS?
    "You mean other than the fact that they've shelled out for multiple sets of new arms and legs for me when I keep outgrowing them? That they housed and trained me even before I told them I'd put on the uniform? Believe it or not, it was when they found out who was behind the Arcology fire. Because of course there was someone behind it: a master criminal called 'Sabrem'. Did you know? Her real target was a corp exec's apartment twenty floors up, the whole burnout out of an entire commercial floor thing was just a distraction. All those people, all those lives ruined, just so she could steal a data disk without having to worry about alarms. There are monsters out there, and it's not good enough to have a handful of vigilantes around and hope they get lucky. You need reach, and resources. You need a shield."

    - What does AEGIS do for the world that nobody else can?
    "They have a vision for the future that isn't entirely profit-driven. Yes, Athena MacroTech is a mega, but we have a soul: his name is Commander Warren, and as long as he thinks this place is worth his time, I know I can count on them to do the right thing, and in the right way. We have it harder than anyone else, that's what makes us the good guys."

    - Who, outside of AEGIS and the team, connects you to the civilian world?
    "There's a bar not too far from where I grew up. Run by a guy named Naota. He's good people. Doesn't kick me out even though I'm not old enough to drink. Also has a wizard sim arcade setup, not that I have time for that sort of hobby either. It's more that, if you forget where you came from, you tend to lose sight of where you're going. But... um, also. He just put in the software for the @SARAHPHIM game. He's the only one I can trust not to tell her I'm trying to break her record."

    - Why do you care about the team?
    "Because that's what a good leader does. Because I think I've been assigned to them for a reason. Because I think they're going to change the world, and it's my job to get them ready."

    Gives to: Brainstorm, Ferra

    Has on: Ferra, Brainstorm, Comstar, The Shogun, Number Eight

    Our victory secured an important resource for AEGIS. What was it?

    @SARAHPHIM, you're important to the longterm success of AEGIS. You're the spark that's going to carry us into the future. Your fans are the worst, but I've talked it over with my superiors and they agree I should make protecting you my top priority.

    Brainstorm, I know you're not particularly keen on AEGIS. You say a lot of things I have a hard time agreeing with, but please. Don't stop saying them.

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