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    Real Name: Victor Jimenez

    Frankenstein had nothing on me. At least when he messed up, he only had his own to worry about.

    Prosthetic self-altering limbs

    DANGER -1
    FREAK +1
    SAVIOR +2
    MUNDANE +0

    AFRAID[ ]: -2 to Directly Engage
    ANGRY[ ]: -2 to Comfort and Support, or Pierce the Mask
    GUILTY[X]: -2 to Provoke Someone or Assess the Situation
    HOPELESS[ ]: -2 to Unleash Your Powers
    INSECURE[ ]: -2 to Defend Someone or Reject Others' Influence

    Your Shame
    "Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy." ~Joseph Campbell

    It seemed so simple. Technology has always served mankind well, a series of true and faithful servants. Technology gave me my life back after the accident, allowed me mobility when all that I had lost everything. What better way to serve mankind, to give back, to silence the mockery of my less-than-peers, than to make a great invention to end all inventions? A seeker of secrets, a companion in discovery, a friend, a... a Prometheus, with whom I could steal the fire from the gods. Dr. Gears' work seemed like the perfect start, but I was going to do it better, pour all my hopes and dreams and expectations into it. None of this letting it develop naturally nonsense; I knew what I wanted it to be, so why shouldn't I tell it that?

    Prometheus disagreed.

    Whenever you are confronted with your shame, either mark a condition or shift Superior down and Danger up. If your shame is an NPC, they can never lose Influence over you.
    At the end of every session, answer the question: Did you take steps to make amends for your shame? If the answer is yes, mark potential. If the answer is no, give Influence to one of your teammates.

    Always Prepared: When you have a chance to restock your supplies, hold up to 2-gadgets. When you unleash your powers by producing a brand new minor invention or gadget from yoru supply, spend 1-gadget and roll +Superior. When you reach 0-gadgets, mark a condition.
    Above the Fray: When you enter battle as a Team against a dangerous foe, if you have Influence over the leader and provide tactical input, add 1 Team to the pool. When you contradict the leader during the battle, you may return Influence over the leader to add an additional 1 team to the pool.
    Tactical Genius: When you point out the obvious flaw in a known foe’s plan, roll + Savior. On a hit, you’re right, and another teammate (your choice) can take advantage; they get +1 ongoing to act on your information. On a 7-9, pick one:
    - You missed something important. The GM will tell you what.
    - You look like a showoff. Your chosen teammate takes Influence over you, and you lose Influence over them.
    - You make your teammates feel like little more than pawns. Your chosen teammate marks a condition.
    On a miss, you’ve played into your enemy’s hands; watch the trap spring.
    Logical angle: When you help someone rationally work through their problems, roll + Superior instead of + Mundane. If they do not open up to you, mark a condition.
    Sanctuary: You have a place where you can rest, recover, and reflect upon your powers. This sanctuary includes: An Aide or assistant, Mami Jimenez; A powerful computer; A containment system. However, it's also known to many, and draws dangerous attention. When you call upon the resources of your sanctuary to solve a problem, say what you want to do. The GM will give you one to four conditions you must fulfill to complete your solution:
    -First, you must _______________________
    -You’ll need help from ___________________
    -You and your team will risk danger from ______
    -The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited
    -You’ll need to mark one box on your doom track
    -You’ll have to obtain ___________________

    Triumphant Celebration: When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if they felt they could have done it without you. If they say yes, give Influence to them and mark a condition. If they say no, they give Influence to you.
    Vulnerability: When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, hold 2. Spend the hold 1-for-1 to clear a condition or add 1 Team to the pool when you are with them.

    [Spoiler]How did you first reveal your genius to your friends or family?
    I can't have been more than six or seven. Not old enough to do serious work, but old enough to be given chores for the first time. And I hated it. How dare they put me--me!--to work like some common drudge? Can you imagine some planet-sized intellect being forced to wash dishes? So I dug from a nearby business for scrap electronics, and made my first real robot. JVLIE still washes my parent's dishes.

    Why did you decide to use your intellect for the benefit of others?
    Is this a trick question? What else am I supposed to do--Lex Luthor it up? I could be a hero or a villain, honestly, and being a hero is much more likely to result in some acceptance.

    What accident or misfire taught you some sense of humility or responsibility?
    Well, güey, being hit by a tanker truck has a real way of knocking some humility into you. That truck had no business going that fast or being in that spot, but I probably could have tested the prototype driver algorithm on a back road instead of jumping straight to a busy city street. After all, my program could have just as easily destroyed somebody else's life.

    Who helped you realize you need other people?
    I nearly died in that accident. Amputations, internal bleedings, bone replacements, hormone replacements, skin grafts, the works. If mami hadn't had insurance, or been able to pull strings at the hospital, I wouldn't be alive. And Mami left her job for over a year, just to make sure I had somebody around to roll me over in bed, change the bedpan, make sure I don't develop sores from sitting in one spot for too long.

    I hate that feeling of helplessness, of being little more than a set of quadriplegic stumps with a brain attached. Can you imagine being unable to voice even the lightest of thoughts? Mami kept me sane, got me resources, helped me build my first prosthetics. I owe Mami my life, and not just in a physical way.

    Why do you care about the team?
    Abnormal is defined by the people around you. And here, I'm not abnormal. I'll take whatever friendship is offered, frankly.

    Look, you didn't hear it from me, but I watch all of @SARAPHIM's streams. Take an influence on me.
    Ferra... You can't help what you are. But maybe I can, if I can just look past what you aren't. Take influence.



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