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As I said, they have the potential to be, but they certainly don't start as such. When the Nerevarine walks out of the boat in Seyda Neen with the clothes on his back and whatever he managed to pilfer in the census and excise office, he's not a near-divinity ready to beat Dagoth Ur in his own volcano lair. When the CoC crawls out of the prison sewer with the medallion clutched in his hand and the ruined/rusted armor and weapons he salvaged during his escape on his back, he's not ready to escort Martin to fight Merhunes Dagon.
Well, okay, yes, because of the level scaling, he is. But he shouldn't be.

As far as the Dragonborn goes, it takes a while for his power to raise to be able to use shouts the way the legends say he can. Not to mention there's a hefty cooldown for the really powerful shouts. Can't just assault a city by himself and beat everyone in it the second he acquires unrelenting force from the first dragon he kills.
Sure, its theoretically possible for Maven to be somewhat intimidating... for a while. But unless youre roleplaying a dragonborn who settles down as a merchant in Riften for whatever reason, that will not be the case for long. And even if youre still a character for whom having the Riften Guards try and kill you is a somewhat intimidating prospect, that doesn't help Maven at all, since she walks around town without any sort of bodyguard or protection. Heck, you could give a beggar 100 gold and a knife, and tell them to stab Maven in her stupid face the next time she makes her rounds, and Maven is hosed.