She softens some and then adds, "It's okay, and I respect the respect that was intended, Brother Jaume. I just want us to be clear on proper address."

Later, Brother Jaume will tend to his flock checking on each member of the party for illness or injury before moving on to the larger chapel community. Of course, he still has filth fever himself (just with the symptoms abated by magic). Unfortunately, he also sees the sniffles and such that Lord Hanley is currently showing means he will fully show filth fever tomorrow as well. This means that Brother Jaume and Lord Hanley must both segregate themselves from the rest of the community, and Winter is given a report. As such, it may come down to making a choice as to who gets what magic she can spare tomorrow. In fact, Winter will hold Brother Jaume from checking the rest of the community, doing that herself so that Brother Jaume's current ailment does not spread.

Because he is sick and cannot ethically work with communal food and drink, Brother Jaume prays for an hour and then casts enhance water so that at least himself and his fellow patient may enjoy the medicinal properties of wine. It is very likely that Brother Jaume has a little too much, and having already deciphered his scroll of remove paralysis calls it a night.
Spoiler: Akbar (and Nadya)
Nadya will go to Akbar and seek some assistance in controlling some of her magical powers. It turns out, Akbar, that she is also a sorceress, and after some testing she seems to be as powerful as yourself (so maybe with not quite as much confidence).

Her spells, as she knows them are:
Cantrips: daze, detect magic, disrupt undead, false blink, mage hand, read magic, ray of frost.
1st Level: heightened awareness, shield.

Spoiler: Jean & Javert
Jean simply spends his time, not even in actual meditation so much as a reverie, lost on the dark thoughts within ...

Dorn cloisters himself in prayer before the shrine of Torag.

The night passes, and again, despite all of the horror that has taken Briarstone Asylum, the PCs know nothing but peaceful, restful dreams.