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    Though Elsa had had her differences with Adelbert in the past, she regretted leaving him behind so soon. But perhaps she could convince him to come.

    "Oh... are you still interested in local history, Adelbert?"

    When the priest perked up, she told him about Harmugstahl; the ruined city that had once been rival to the Lost Library, and where a deadly battle between wizards had taken place long ago. She described their first passage through the ruined tower, and the sealed-up staircase that went down to unknown depths.

    "I want to know what's down there. In the war to come, we can't leave any possible advantages behind."

    For the second Harmugstahl expedition, we need three or four pickaxes. They're 1gc 60p per rulebook prices. We could buy them from the Guild of Jewellers and Mineworkers, perhaps? I'm assuming the Guild isn't doing much mining now that the Dwarfs have reclaimed the Dwimmulhold. Maybe we can also get some lighting from them.

    Gossip 39 if needed, to get in touch with whoever is in charge of the guild's stores: (d100)[15]

    Haggle 20 to imply as politely as possible that no one else is gonna buy their excess pickaxes anyway, since the Dwarfs have their own, which are no doubt better: (d100)[99]

    (Elsa needs to work on her politeness.)
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