There were a couple players in my group who had proficiency with gaming sets, so I decided to make a couple of gaming sets for them to choose from, and play. They're really excited for the time they'll be spending in taverns (playing Waterdeep: Dragon Heist), so this'll go well with that. I wanted to share with you all to use in your own games. Double points if you get all the references.

For simplicity's sake, each game is played as a contest with the other PCs or NPCs playing. Obviously, if you're proficient in one, you factor your proficiency bonus into the numbers rolled.

3-Dragon Ante - Merchant Game of Intrigue
  • Gaming set includes a deck of cards that looks similar to a tarot deck.
  • Can be played with any number of players, up to 4 players per deck of cards.
  • Describe playstyle in a manner similar to Texas Hold’Em
  • To play, each player rolls 1d20 + Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) + Charisma (Intimidation) per hand.

Liar’s Dice - Street Game of Deception
  • Gaming set includes 5 dice and may contain a mug or cup.
  • Can be played with any number of players, usually less than 6, each player needs a set of dice
  • Describe playstyle as involving rolling the dice in secret (usually hidden inside the mug), announcing connected sets and calling the bluff of other players.
  • To play, each player rolls 5d6+ Charisma (Deception)

Tak - Tavern Game of Travel
  • Gaming set includes 21 tiles that are able to both lie flat and stand on end (Called 'Stones') and 1 capstone.
  • A Game is between 2 Players, each with own set of stones. Game uses 10, 15 or 21 tiles are used for a 3x3 (easy), 4x4 (medium), or 5x5 (hard) game.
  • The playstyle involves creating paths across the map while obstructing the opponent.
  • To play, each player rolls 2d10 + Wisdom(Insight)

Dejarik - Magical Game of Skill
  • Gaming set includes a group of chess-like pieces that are enchanted to interact with other pieces.
  • Describe playstyle as a combination of Wizard Chess and Battle Bots.
  • To play, each player rolls 1d6+1d8+1d10+Intellect (Arcana)

Pai Sho - Noble Game of Balance & Harmony
  • Gaming set includes 54 Tiles, pictured with several types of flowers, as well as ones with ships, wheels, weeds, and dragons. Tiles are often mismatched, as it is common to have picked them up across the various locations a player has been.
  • Describe Playstyle as involving sliding and rotating tiles across a grid to create patterns on the board.
  • To play, each player rolls 2d20 + Intelligence (History) + Charisma (Performance)

Shon’ai - Warrior Game of Passing and Focus
  • Gaming set includes either smooth stones, unpowered wands, or ceremonial knives, depending on your class (for Layperson or children, then scholar, then warrior, respectively).
  • Describe Playstyle as sitting across from each other player, and juggling the objects to other players at increasing speed. Each time a player loses by failing to catch the object or not throwing it to the correct person, play pauses, that player leaves, and the remaining players continue.
  • To play, each player rolls Dexterity(Acrobatics) + Concentration (d20+Con). Continue to have contests until a throw result is 5 or lower than the other player(s). If played with knives, the loser takes 1d4+Dex mod damage from the person who threw the knife.