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Huh, nice!

I'm still doing Darebee workouts (almost) every day, which is slowly but steadily improving my strength, endurance and general body shape. Also, with the new year I decided to spend a few months cutting my calorie intake here and there (not a real diet, just eating less than I usually would whenever I don't feel super-hungry) in order to lose the final 3-4 kgs towards my ideal weight.

I mean, I know I don't have it in me to mantain the lifestyle I'd need to have extre-ripped abs or whatever, but what's the point of having muscles if I don't show them off at least a little, right?
I know that feeling! Which workouts have you been doing?

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Yeah, that's the one, thanks!
Tried it once and it felt super effective.

Might need to adapt that number, but 100 per day with two days for regeneration sounded feasible in my head.

The 100-in-a-row project went the way most of my things go. Once it starts becoming a routine and I hit the first plateau I get bored and do something else.
Doing consecutive sets to failure was however very effective. I got to the mid-forties, more than I ever could do before.
I can do like 10 in a row so I'm really impressed at mid-forties :)

I think that seems like reasonable plan for work and rest days.

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Wow TvTyrant! That's awesome progress.

As for goals, I have some nagging injuries I want to deal with, I am 15 lbs above my target weight (175 lbs), I'm hoping to climb at least 2 days a week, and I want to get back into my weight training routine which I dropped to to those nagging injuries. My weight doesn't seem to react much to either diet or exercise alone, so I need to deal with both. I'm currently looking at mostly reducing portion sizes as that has worked in the past, but I'm also not as young as I once was.

For weight training, I find this site useful for ideas to keep your routine fresh, and for checking exercise forms.

Added the link to the directory, thank you!

Climb like mountain or wall climb?