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Within the game, scuttle and scrib jerky each have a notional value of 10 septims, and scrib jelly has a notional value of 5 septims. Of the local alcohols, mazte and sheen have notional values of 10 septims, while greef and sujamma have notional values of 30 septims (interestingly, given that these are single-use items, this is apparently a single-serving value despite the weight of the item and the apparent size when the item is placed within the world, though it's also entirely possible that that's a gameplay or coding issue rather than an aspect of the game that should be taken literally). I would say that one septim for one meal might be more than a little on the low side, at least in Morrowind, unless your meal is a single unit of raw crab meat or a loaf of bread or something like that.
Well, for protein on a budget you could get rat meat (1 drake for 1 pound), crab (1 drake for 0.5 pound), a small kwama egg (1 drake for 0.5 pound), hound meat (2 drakes for 1 pound), a large kwama egg (2 drakes for 2 pounds). (On that note, don't ask me how the Empire considers the Kwama egg one of the few exports worthy of note from the province without either prohibitive upcharging or mind boggling volume).

For grains and fruit/vegetables we have Saltrice, which goes for 1 drake for 0.1 pound (which would probably be about 0.2 pounds cooked), ash yams (1 drake for 0.5 pounds), Marshmerrow (1 drake for 0.1 pounds), Wickwheat (1 drake for 0.1 pound, out which bread is presumably made), comberry (2 drakes for 0.1 pounds), Luminous Russula (a mushroom, 1 drake for 0.5 pounds), and Violet Coprinus (another mushroom, 1 drake for 0.2 pounds). There's other stuff too, but that's more or less what you can get on the cheap.

So, all told, you should be able to feel full, and even get a passable range of nutrients, every day for under 10 drakes. Getting a drink to go with it would definitely take a hit out of your budget, unless we assume there's an even cheaper (say, 2 - 5 drakes) beer that goes in all those empty bottles that you find in the game.