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I wonder; in this world, do people marry for love if you're part of the ruling class?

Plus I think both Gil and Thorpe are the type of people who would put duty above self. Miss Thorpe would obey her Queen & Gil would just take some convincing. Perhaps if Agatha was caught with Rakethorn or Tarvek, Gil's pride would drive him away.
Seffie tried that argument with Gil, too. A union between the Houses Wulfenbach and Stromvaus/Blitzengaard would have tremendous advantages, strengthen the Empire, and give Gil opportunities to protect Agatha he doesn't have. Gil and/or the Klaus implant admitted her idea was sound.

It hasn't changed anything. Gil knows what he wants, and logic and political calculation have no place in this.

Also, while Trelawney may not be adverse to the idea of Gil as a mate, I'm not seeing the 'luv'luv' that would drive her to use every effort to make it real. Seffie has that, and that's why she's dangerous.