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LN Thri-Kreen 2/Ranger 2/Hidden Talent Soulknife 2/Soulbow2/ Battle Trickster 3/Spirit Shaman 5/Magical Trickster 3/ Kensai 1/
Spoiler: Fluffification

Pinaka *clik clak* always wiser than clutchmates. Pinaka *clik clak* like roam land, fight the unclean things. Pinaka *clik clak* use strong mind to fight, not need carry weapons. Pinaka *clik clak* roam to new lands, fight things that not know how Pinaka *clik clak* fights, how Pinaka *clik clak* moves. They not know that Pinaka *clik clak* have connection to nature that make Pinaka *clik clak* and cluthmates stronger. Pinaka *clik clak* swear destroy bad spirits.

Spoiler: Build Table

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Thri-Kreen 1 0 2 2 Autohypnosis 2 Skill Knowledge - Autohypnosis Thri-kreen Traits, NA +1, Natural Attacks
2nd Thri-Kreen 2 2 0 3 3 Auto 4 (B)Deflect Arrows Leap (+30 to Jump), NA+2
3rd Ranger 3 2 5 3 Climb 2, Jump 2, Auto 6 Zen Archery Favored Enemy, Track, Spiritual Connection ACF
4th Ranger 2 4 3 6 3 Climb 5, Jump 5 (B)Multiweapon Fighting Combat Style - Two Weapon Combat
5th Soulknife 4 3 8 5 Auto 8, Leaping Climber (B)Weapon Focus - Mindblade Mindblade, Hidden Talent ACF - Synesthete
6th Soulknife 2 5 3 9 6 Climb 6, Jump 6, Extreme Leap Point Blank Shot Throw Mind Blade
7th Soulbow 5 3 9 8 Climb 7, Spot 3 (B)Precise Shot Mind Arrow
8th Soulbow 2 6 3 10 9 Climb 8, Spot 6 - Mind Arrow Enhancement +1 (Lucky)
9th Battle Trickster 7 5 10 9 Climb 10, Spot 8 (B)Speedy Ascent Multidexterity -
10th Battle Trickster 2 8 6 10 9 Climb 12, Tumble 2 (B)Defensive Archery -
11th Battle Trickster 3 9 6 11 10 Spot 9, Tumble 5 (B)Walk the Walls - Tricky Fighting
12th Spirit Shaman 9 8 11 12 Concentration 1, Spot 12 (B)Alertness, Improved Multiweapon Fighting Spirit Guide - Snake, Wild Empathy, Spells
13th Spirit Shaman 2 10 9 11 13 Conc 3, Spot the Weak Point - Chastise Spirits
14th Spirit Shaman 3 11 9 12 13 Conc 5, Diplo 2 - Detect Spirits
15th Spirit Shaman 4 12 10 12 14 Conc 8, Diplo 3 Quicken Spell Blessing of the Spirits
16th Spirit Shaman 5 12 10 12 14 Conc 10, Ride 2 - Follow the Guide
17th Magical Trickster 12 10 12 16 Conc 12, Diplo 5 (B)Swift Concentration - Spontaneous Trickster
18th Magical Trickster 2 13 10 12 17 Ride 4 Combat Expertise (B)Sudden Extend +1 SC (SS)
19th Magical Trickster 3 13 11 13 17 Ride 5, Spot 13, (B)Clarity of Vision - Metamagic Trick, Tricky Magic, +1 SC (SS)
20th Kensai 13 11 13 19 Conc 16 - Signature Weapon - Soulbow

Spoiler: Bits

TK Racials: +2 STR/WIS, -2 INT, -4 CHA
Medium, speed 40, Darkvision 60ft, +4 hide in arid/sandy, Immune to magic sleep
Multiple Limbs: 4 arms and can take Multiweapon/Multiattack feats
Weapon Familiarity: gythka/chatka
Automatic Languages: Common, T-keen, Bonus: Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, Halfling
Natural Attacks: 4 claws and a bite, all 1d4, with Multiweapon claws at -2, bite at -5

Point Buy:
S 8 D 15 C 10 I 12 W 18 C 10
S 10 D15 C 10 I 10 W 20 C 6
all points into WIS

Skill Tricks – Comp Sco 82:
Clarity of Vision (spot 12), notice invisible enemies for 1 round
Extreme Leap (Jump 5) make horizontal jump of at least 10 feet, as swift move another 10 feet,
Leaping Climber (Climb/Jump 5) begin climb by jumping as if running start, add distance to height climbed,
Speedy Ascent (Climb 5) succeed on climb to move 10 feet, move an additional 10 feet as swift action,
Spot the Weak Point (Spot 12) Spot check vs AC, success equals next attack as touch attack,
Swift Concentration (conc 12) maintain concentration as a swift action
Walk the Walls (Climb 12, Tumble 5) trade 4 squares movement for 1 square vertical, begin/end turn on horizontal surface.

Favored Enemy: Elementals, but would ask for DM permission to have it be "Spirits" to better mesh with the rest of the build.

Lucky Weapon enhancement (Soulbow) +1 Lucky: XPH 166 1/day reroll a failed attack as a free action Soulbow makes this for every arrow shot! You manifest it, apply the enhancement bonus to each arrow, and then it disappears, thus allowing you to reroll every missed attack.

Spirit Shaman: What constitutes a spirit: all incorporeal undead, all fey, all elementals, creatures in astral form, all creatures with the spirit subtype, spirit folk, telthors, spirit creatures created by spells such as dream sight or wood wose.

Spoiler: Spells

Spells per Day (including bonus spells)/Spells Known
Level 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
12th 3/3 4/1 - - - - - - - -
13th 4/3 5/2 - - - - - - - -
14th 5/3 6/2 3/1 - - - - - - -
15th 6/3 7/3 4/1 - - - - - - -
16th 6/3 8/3 6/1 3/1 - - - - - -
18th 6/3 8/3 7/2 4/1 - - - - - -
19th 6/3 8/3 8/2 5/1 3/1 - - - - -
Spirit Shaman gets access to the entirety of the Druid list, but only has a limited number of spells to fill the slots/day. All spells chosen are for party/self buffs only. Wall of Salt is simply if you can swing the economy crashing 25k gp one casting of it will make you in trade goods past the DM. The metamagic feat chosen at 15 (Quicken Spell) will only be used with the Metamagic Trick ability as it allows to ignore the casting time and make it a swift action without raising the spell level.

Typical Spells:
0- Create Water, Cure Minor, Dawn
1- Camouflage, Faerie Fire, Instant of Power, Raptor’s Sight
2- Ghost Companion, Kelpstrand, Primal Hunter, Wild Instincts
3- Alter Fortune, Forestfold, Heart of Water, Primal Instinct
4- Celestial Fortress, Essence of the Raptor, Friendly Fire, Wall of Salt

Spoiler: Level Breakdowns

First a note on climbing: Rapid Climbing: A character can climb his speed as a move equivalent action, or double his speed as a full round action (requiring two climb checks) but you take a -20 on the check.

Sweet Spots: 5,9,12,19

Five: Thri-kreen gives us 4 arms and a massive jump bonus. Ranger gives the core of our fighting style, multiweapon fighting (which is automatically subbed in for two weapon fighting from the combat style do to having more than 3 natural limbs), as well as Zen archery making this a SAD build. Soulknife starts out as a 4 mindblade wielding monster. Nothing says you can’t manifest more than 1 mind blade, just that you have to have a free hand and a standard action to do so. At this level, the Jump check equals an auto success on long jumps of 39 feet, and a vertical jump of 17 feet. Synesthete provides 2 options in case of blindness/deafness or improves various parts of those senses regardless. Total Attacks at this level: Claw Attacks (each doing 1d4+1): +3/+3/+3/+3 and a Bite (1d4+1) at -1, or with mind blades (each doing 1d6+1): +1/+1/+1/+1 and a bite at -1

Soulbow turns 1 of those mindblades into a mind arrow with a 100ft range, as well as applies the Lucky enhancement to every arrow from here out, meaning you can re-roll any missed attack. Multidexterity removes the negatives to offhand attacks (ALL PENALTIES). Two ranks into Battle Trickster provides a dodge bonus to AoO’s caused by shooting the mind arrow off in combat. Jump has only gained 1 rank, but also gets the benefit of two skill tricks when using it to climb. Auto Success now on horizontal jumps is 40ft, and 18ft vertical. Thanks to that vertical and the skill tricks: Extreme Leap and Speedy Ascent, you can now add an automatic 20ft to that vertical for 38ft total automatically. Total Attacks, assuming 1 mind arrow and 3 mind blades/bolts: +11 ranged/+10 melee/+10 melee/+10 melee and +5 bite. Bow damage 1d8+8.

This is also the beginning of where things get tricky. Mind Arrow can be manifested as a free action, but doesn’t have to be used as a ranged attack, meaning you could replace the mind blade with an arrow and potentially upgrade the damage from a d6 to a d8. The specific wording of the Mind Arrow entry states that as a free action you can create a semisolid arrow from your mind <PERIOD>. Later on it says you must have a free hand to fire the arrow. Now you are shooting an arrow, and stabbing with 3 of them each round, all of which can be re-rolled if the attacks miss.

Dropping a weapon is a free action, and re-manifesting a bolt with a fresh Lucky is a free action.

Fifteen: Finish Battle Trickster picking up Tricky Fighting, which gives a +1 attack bonus to the next attack in a round after a skill trick is used. Walk the Walls grants an extra square vertical for every 4 horizontal sacrificed, and Spot the Weak Point trades out AC vs a spot check for a touch attack. And move into Spirit Shaman which will qualify the spell casting requirement for Magical Trickster, and is used solely to buff. Chastise Spirits is usable 3/day and will do 4d6 damage to all Spirits within 30ft. Also pick up Detect Spirits/will, as well as Blessing of the Spirits which is essentially a 10min casting for protection from spirits (as evil) that functions until discharged. Improved MWF makes things even more interesting. The strict wording of the feat states that each offhand weapon now gets 2 attacks per round. Let’s say you’re firing an arrow from 2 hands, and attacking with the mind blade/bolt from the other two hands. But first, IMWF states you get these bonus attacks at -5, HOWEVER, Multidexterity explicitly states you ignore all penalties to offhand attacks… So now the attack pattern is +15 ranged/+15 ranged/+15 ranged/+15 ranged/+14 melee/+14 melee/+14 melee/+14 melee, not forgetting you can reroll each attack should it miss.

Twenty: Finish off Spirit Shaman (adding another d6 to chastise) which gives us the ability to make an extra save vs enchantments anytime a save is failed. The 2 skill tricks in this block allow concentration to become a swift action, as well as grant the ability to pinpoint invisible foes, useful in combating potential spirits. Quicken Spell can be used 1/day freely via metamagic trick, as well as Sudden Extend, which can be used on the spot freely 1/day w/o having to prepare it as the text in Spirit Shaman would force you to do. Kensai at the end grants another +1 enhancement to be applied to both the Mindblade and Mindarrow, likely just taking the flat +1 at this point. Attack pattern: +17 ranged/+17 ranged/+17 ranged/+17 ranged/+16 melee/+16 melee/+16 melee/+16 melee, not forgetting you can reroll each attack should it miss. Bow damage 1d8+9

Spoiler: Sources

Comp Champion: Spiritual Connection ACF 50
Comp Divine: Spirit Shaman 16
Comp Psion: Soulbow 36, Thri-Kreen Racial class 151
Comp Scoundrel: Battle Trickster 28, Magical Trickster 45, Skill Tricks 82
Comp War: Kensai 49, Zen Archery 106
Expanded Psionics Handbook: Soulknife 26
Monster Manual: Multidexterity 304
PHB: Feats 90-91, Ranger 47
Races of the Wild: Defensive Archery 150
Savage Species: Improved Multiweapon Fighting 306
Unearthed Arcana: Skill Knowledge 81

http://archive.wizards.com/default.a.../psm/20070214a Soulknife ACF

For fun: Origin of character name: