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    The libraries in our town have created a 2019 Reading Challenge. It's basically just a checklist of arbitrary categories of books that you are meant to read during 2019, but my girlfriend and I figured it was a good motivation to get some more reading into our lives this year, so we both took up the challenge.

    So far, I've read "A book longer than 500 pages" (Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds), "A book that takes place in the future" (The Foundation by Isaac Asimov) and "A book from my childhood" (Albion's Dream by Roger Norman). I am also in the process of reading "A non-fiction book" (The New Penguin History of the World by J.M. Roberts), but it's a bit of a mammoth work, so I've decided to take it a chapter a day, alongside my other reading.

    Spoiler: The full list of categories, if you are curious.
    A book longer than 500 pages.
    A book published this year.
    A book by an author I am not familiar with.
    A book based on a true story.
    A book that is more than 100 years old.
    A funny book.
    A book published the year I was born.
    A memoir.
    An anthology of poetry.
    A book written by an author with the same first name as me.
    A work of crime fiction.
    A classic.
    A book recommended by a librarian.
    A book that has been adapted into a movie.
    A non-fiction book.
    A book that takes place in the future.
    A graphic novel.
    A book with an animal in its title.
    An award-winning book.
    A book from my childhood.
    A book that takes place in the area where I live.
    A book with a beautiful cover.
    A thriller.
    A book with poor reviews.
    A book with an ugly cover.
    A book that makes me cry.

    Note: We decided that it was against the spirit of the challenge to count one book for multiple categories, even if it could technically fit. For example, Revelation Space is both longer than 500 pages and set in the future, but I only allow it to count for one of the categories.

    As for my verdict on the books I've read so far, I liked Revelation Space (but found it a bit rushed towards the end), loved The Foundation (currently have some of the sequels ordered at the library) and found Albion's Dream to be a nice nostalgia trip (but just like when I was a child, I thought the ending of the story rather abrupt and weird).
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