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    This may be a quibble or it may be a bigger point, I'll leave it to the rest of you to decide, but I never saw it as MitD "following orders", even though RC and Xykon (and others) definitely saw themselves as giving them.

    The early MitD had a childlike desire to please, and to please everyone. He wanted everyone to be his friend. What others saw as giving orders, MitD saw as a favor for a friend. The taco party incident was a case where he was told to do something he hadn't the first clue about, so he simply followed his instinct to play and have a good time- agreed, Ruck, the chaotic nature at its best.

    The conflict and character development came when O-Chul became his true friend, and was in daily, direct opposition to the wants of his other "friends", Xykon and Redcloak.

    He reached a new level of maturity when he came to the understanding that you can't please everyone; in order to help his friend O-Chul, he had to go against his other "friends" (even though it was just by wishing for O-Chul's escape). What we see now is a more emotionally mature MitD, possibly about the level of a teenager. Certainly he's not an adult yet, but he's getting there. The Reveal may be critical for him reaching an adult level of understanding and responsibility, among other things.
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