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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread V: Escape from LA

    Snowflake Ooze

    Well wouldn't this have been thematically appropriate two weeks ago.

    Anyway, the snowflake ooze. 6 RHD, medium size, and ooze typing don't make for the best chassis, and its stats don't exactly help. 20 strength and constitution, no intelligence, and everything else 1 is hideously minmaxed, and not in a good way either. On top of this is an abysmal 15 ft. move rate.

    Its most useful special abilities are probably Improved Grab and Constrict, as its grapple check isn't terrible (one whole point above an orc warrior's) and its default slam and constrict damage are reasonable for a few levels at least.

    Airy is somewhat interesting, as it causes all piercing melee or ranged attacks to miss 20% of the time (because piercing is not allowed to be as viable as slashing and bludgeoning, of course). Of course, since 90% of all foes with piercing weapons can just stand at a distance and kite the ooze to death, I'm not sure how much overall utility this has.

    Cold Aura is your typical 'typed damage to nearby creatures' ability, if written somewhat poorly. It can't be switched off so just hope your allies don't mind some occasional frostbite.

    Finally there's Split, which very obviously qualifies it for an asterisk.

    Final verdict: -0*. No limbs, bad stats, unimpressive special abilities and advancement issues just prevent this from being a viable PC.
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