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    Millie and Nithrias

    The woman, it seems, either cannot understand what Nithrias is saying or simply doesn't care. She continues moving forward, arms stretched out in a desperate grasping motion. Suddenly, she accelerates, her feet lifting off the ground and her body being shot forwards. Her trajectory takes her towards the now closed yamen gates.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Aaaaand we're gonna start a combat here. You may both take actions at this point.

    Rem, Qotho and Shen

    "Whoa, wait!" Po exclaims, raising his hands in shock. "You're not really thinking of messing with Zu, are you? I know it's dangerous, trying to sneak away with one of his slaves, but at least I know the guards and have a plan to get outta here." Eyes wide, he gestures at your group.

    "You would have to sneak into his compound under daylight, before my shift starts. And Zu's got a small army under his command! They'd kill you in seconds!" After a few moments of panicked staring, he does however calm down enough to say "Look, I'm willing to promise whatever if you can help me out. Just don't do anything crazy."
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