Speak: I figured it would just be one trick for him to speak, but we would expand what speak normally does, because it is a parrot, so you can tailor what he actually knows how to say. So the base "6 tricks for an animal" is unchanged and speak is only 1 of those. But that we're expanding beyond that to let him learn a larger set of words. I figured you would just get to pick the types of words he learns and the types of things he would learn to identify. So rather than being able to just ask yes or no questions, he might be able to say "3 guns, 2 swords" if he went and checked out a ship.

Since only one person actually posted I wasn't sure if everyone else was simply waiting or not here.

Although I'm going on vacation... hopefully tomorrow but we've had a big storm so might change. So I'll be limited in posting for a week.