Unbeknownst to the audience Yhrashnal applies the magic of friendship rage to himself with a quick burst of his inner power before springing forward, reappearing to the naked eye midway through his first punch out of a heated barrage of attacks. This mortal has successfully landed the first and the second attacks of this fight; it would best to end this battle before the warrior can press his advantage.

Spoiler: OoC

HP: 100/110 (110-25+5 Fast Healing +5 Hardness on first attack+5 Hardness on second attack)
Swift Action: Mad Hunger (1st round)- +20 Movement speed, +2 attacks on full attack, Take additional 30% damage.
Free action: Quickened Rage SLA. Grants +2 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution, a +1 morale bonus on Will saves, and a -2 penalty to AC. AC penalty is offset by con bonus to a total of -1 AC. Lasts 6 rounds
New Current HP: 106/116
Current AC: 22 (-2 Rage, +1 Rage)
Full Attack
Attack 1: (1d20+16)[18] (-2 TWF, +1 Rage)
Damage : (1d4+13)[15] (+1 rage)

Attack 2: (1d20+16)[27] (-2 TWF, +1 Rage)
Damage 2: (1d4+13)[17] (+1 rage)

Attack 3: (1d20+16)[36] (-2 TWF, +1 Rage)
Damage 3: (1d4+13)[15] (+1 rage)

Attack 4: (1d20+16)[19] (-2 TWF, +1 Rage)
Damage 4: (1d4+13)[14] (+1 rage)
---Yhrashnal heals 20% of all damage dealt.