3. oh baby baby

If you all are with me...
Make some noise!!!

from Detroit Metal City, original art by Kiminori Wakasugi, Shueisha Inc. 2019

1. Firre Eladrin
2. Doomspeak
3. Sublime Chord
4. Inspirational Boost
5. Improvisation
6. Harmonize
7. Lesser Celerity
8. Amplify
9. Celerity
10. Fugue
11. Protege
12. Epic Perform
13. Divine Insight
14. Bacchae
15. Corpse Creature
16. Sonorous Hum
17. Body Outside Body


Spoiler: Basic Build Stub
BABY Sweetkiss
Male Firre Eladrin Bard 4 / Sublime Chord 1 / Mystic Theurge 5

Alignment: Chaotic Evil with (Chaotic) and (Good) subtypes
> Any effect that depends on alignment affects BABY as if he has a chaotic good alignment, no matter what his alignment actually is.

Elite Array: STR 8, DEX 10, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 13, CHA 15
Racial Adjustment: STR +10, DEX +4, CON +2, INT +6, WIS +6, CHA +8
HD Increase Adjustment: WIS +3 (@8/12/16), CHA +1 (@4)
Ability Score: STR 18 (+4), DEX 14 (+2), CON 14 (+2), INT 20 (+5), WIS 22 (+3), CHA 24 (+7)[/QUOTE]
Spoiler: Build Table
CR Class BAB Fort Ref Will Skills Feats Special
10 Firre1 8HD
Medium Outsider
(Chaotic, Good, Eladrin, Extraplanar)
8 6 6 6 Balance 5cc, Bluff 11, Concentration 11, Disguise 11, Intimidate 11, Knowledge(Arcana) 5cc, Knowledge(Dungeoneering) 0.5cc, Knowledge(History) 5cc, Knowledge(Local) 0.5cc, Knowledge(Nature) 0.5cc, Knowledge(Religion) 5cc, Knowledge(thePlanes) 1, Perform(Oratory) 11, Perform(Sing) 11, Perform(StringInstruments) 11, Sense Motive 11, Spellcraft 11 +1CL, +1CL, +1CL Gaze, Alternate Form, Magic Circle Againt Evil (CL11), Song, Spells (CL15, 12th level cleric, Chaos/Good/Fire/Magic Domain), SLA (CL13, at will, Detect Thoughts, Firebal, Greater Invisibility, Persistent Image, Polymorph, See Invisibility, Wall of Fire)
11 Bard 1 8 6 8 8 Bluff 12(+1), Concentration 12(+1), Disguise 12(+1), Listen 3, Knowledge(Religion) 6(+1), Perform(Sing) 12(+1), Spellcraft 12(+1), Tumble 1, Use Magic Device 1 Doomspeak2 Bardic Music, Bardic Knowledge, Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1
12 Bard 2 9 6 9 9 Bluff 13(+1), Concentration 13(+1), Disguise 13(+1), Perform(Sing) 13(+1), Knowledge(Arcana) 11(+6), Spellcraft 13(+1)
13 Bard 3 10 7 9 9 Bluff 14(+1), Concentration 14(+1), Disguise 14(+1), Listen 9(+6), Perform(Sing) 14(+1), Spellcraft 14(+1) Inspire Competence
14 Bard 4 11 7 10 10 Bluff 15(+1), Concentration 15(+1), Disguise 15(+1), Listen 15(+6), Perform(Sing) 15(+1), Spellcraft 15(+1) Doomspeak
15 Mystic Theurge 1 11 7 10 12 Knowledge(Arcana) 13(+2), Sense Motive 16(+5) +1 bard casting
+1 cleric casting
16 Mystic Theurge 2 12 7 10 13 Profession Astrologer 6, Sense Motive 17(+1) +1 bard casting
+1 cleric casting
17 Mystic Theurge 3 12 8 10 13 Concentration 18(+3), Sense Motive 18(+1), Spellcraft 18(+3) Doomspeak +1 bard casting
+1 cleric casting
18 Sublime Chord3 1 12 8 10 15 Concentration 19(+1), Listen 19(+4), Perform(Sing) 19(+4) Bardic Lore, Bardic Music
19 Mystic Theurge 4 13 8 10 16 Concentration 20(+1), Knowledge(Arcana) 15(+2), Sense Motive 20(+2), Spellcraft 20(+2) +1 sublime chord casting
+1 cleric casting
20 Mystic Theurge 5 13 8 10 16 Concentration 21(+1), Perform(Sing) 21(+2cc), Sense Motive 21(+1), Spellcraft 21(+1) Doomspeak +1 sublime chord casting
+1 cleric casting
Spoiler: Spells per Day / Spells Known
CR CL 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
10 15 6 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1 - - -
15 16 6 5+1 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1 - -
16 17 6 5+1 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1 - -
17 18 6 5+1 5+1 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1 -
19 19 6 5+1 5+1 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 3+1 2+1 -
20 20 6 5+1 5+1 5+1 5+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1

Bard + Sublime Chord
CR CL Spells Per Day Spells Known
0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
11 4 2 - - - - - - 4 - - - - - - Message, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Summon Instrument
12 5 3 0 - - - - - 5 2 - - - - - Ghost Sound, Amplify, Inspirational Boost4
13 6 3 1 - - - - - 6 3 - - - - - Lullaby, Improvisation5
14 7 3 2 0 - - - - 6 3 2 - - - - Harmonize6, Lesser Celerity7
15 8 3 3 1 - - - - 6 4 3 - - - - Glitterdust, Amplify8
16 9 3 3 2 - - - - 6 4 3 - - - -
17 10 3 3 2 0 - - - 6 4 4 2 - - - Mirror Image, Good Hope, Haste
18 11 3 3 2 0 2 1 - 6 4 4 2 3 1 - Celerity9, Fugue10, Shadow Conjuration, Teleport
19 12 3 3 2 0 2 2 - 6 4 4 2 4 2 - Protege11, Mage's Private Sanctum
20 13 3 3 2 0 3 2 1 6 4 4 2 4 2 1 Contingency

Note: Caster Level above includes +3 CL increase by skipping the feats at 1st, 3rd, and 6th level.
Spoiler: Background
Despite the unbearable pain threatening to overtake his consciousness, BABY Sweetkiss pushed himself to his feet and hobbled his way towards the trail of corpses near the river bank. It's been hours since his crowd got ambushed by a party of cunning murderers, but he's still holding out hope that he would find a fellow survivor.

Over here, Johan!, a voice murmured. He turned around, frantically searching for the source of the disembodied voice. Nobody there except some of his fans' lifeless bodies--Calia, Brevin the Blacksmith, Old Terek, Signy, and what little remained of Boris.

Pascorel has been annexed!, another echoed. The otherworldly voice's sudden disappearance made him realize just how alone he was for close to nine hours now, bereft of cheerful and lively noises to accompany him. Without warning, panic hit him. He felt a tightness in his chest that made breathing difficult. He felt closed in. All of a sudden, he's back in the crimson landscape, the nauseating stench of death, the deafening roaring and rumbling, the maddening nightmare of the Abyss.

"Over here, Johan!", signaled one of his allies as they fought back against the tide of fiends. His former self was that of a formidable warrior, an instrument of righteous destruction who inspires valiance in his fellow celestials. The first few years of ambitious campaign to rescue their kin in the Abyssal layer Androlynne had been fairly successful for the eladrin elites. A few more months passed, however, and it became clear that the initial spark of hope is but a faint light in the eternal reaches of darkness.

Pascorel has been annexed by the fiends. Hordes of tan'nari and ancient obyriths kept pouring into Androlynne like a rushing flood. For each eladrin returned to the safety of their native plane, plenty more have sacrificed their lives to make it so. Supplies and reinforcements sharply dwindle, and there's only so much resources to revive fallen comrades.

In the precious moments outside the battlefield, he traveled back to Arborea to tell families their spouse, child, parent, or sibling will not be coming back home. The look in some of these eyes reflected the pure anger and despair in the very atmosphere he left, especially with them knowing he himself had been given the privilege to stay alive. BABY Sweetkiss actually lost count on the number of times he had been raised because of his needed abilities, but one can only go through so much deaths. Last time, he remembered being captured, tortured for months for information, and the image of that balor driving its vorpal sword down his neck, and then nothing...

BABY Sweetkiss woke up covered in sweat. He instinctively cursed out in frustration, but this feeling was quickly replaced by relief as he noticed the light peek from the horizon. Divine energy can now be felt coursing back to his soul as he prayed. It's a new day to gather friends.
Spoiler: Campaign Usage
BABY Sweetkiss doesn't have a "master plan", per se, rather he just wants to live a simple life of freedom. However, his past haunts him whenever he isn't drowned by lively and festive background noise for a long period of time, so he sought the company of people that are in a loud, festive mood 99% of the time. He finds it completely justified to "convert" more people from the general populace into Bacchae because, to him, that just translates to letting more people have fun. In return, he vows to protect his new friends and provide them with entertainment.

Due to the nature of this villain's "gimmick", it can be applied to different scales, from a tavern that doesn't close, to a city with missing people, to an entire kingdom neglecting its responsibility to its people.
Spoiler: CR Snapshots
Spoiler: General Playstyle
BABY Sweetkiss is an entertainer, first and foremost, who tries his best not to endanger his fans. To this end, he deceives, distracts, misdirects, pacifies, intimidates, and diplomances. His social skills, mainly his Epic Perform12, which unlike Diplomacy isn't restricted to NPCs, are fairly good and can be further boosted by spells such as Improvisation and Divine Insight13 when needed. More often than not, combat is avoided entirely by turning enemies to allies/fans.

In combat, BABY Sweetkiss will still try changing attitudes if possible. Failing that, he jams to Support Character's Greatest Hits: cleric spell list, bardic music, bard spell list, and wizard partial spell list. His preferred actions are debuffing enemies and buffing fans.
Spoiler: Bacchae minionmancy
Core to his character and playstyle is the integration of the Bacchae14, which comprise majority of his fans. Their lives basically revolve around frolicking and attacking most creatures who decline their invitations.

Calling and getting services from the Bacchae than from any other outsiders is easier for BABY Sweetkiss, as their goals lining up with what BABY Sweetkiss does best means he doesn't even necessarily need to pay them gold. BABY Sweetkiss can also get Bacchae via Summon Monster III-V and by his existing Bacchae forces converting normal populace. Dead Bacchae is still useful when raised via Create Undead as a Corpse Creature15.

Each Bacchae has Debauch (Su), so potential converts are up against a scaling amount of required saves to pass (1 per Bacchae), against abilities with a scaling DC (DC 10 + 1 per 3 Bacchae; DC 20 max). BABY Sweetkiss himself doesn't join debaucheries, and keeps himself busy by providing the best musical entertainment.

Lastly, while these Bacchae mobs will die to the weakest PC attacks, the PC party's goal should generally be rescue-based; that is, restoring the individual Bacchae to its former self by casting Heal, Limited Wish, Wish, or Miracle, on it, and then returning the person back to its family and friends.
Spoiler: CR5-10 (but not really)
Depending on how much BABY Sweetkiss will be integrated on your own campaign, quests from this level range could include aiding him and/or his fellow eladrin in the Abyss. BABY Sweetkiss himself can be the quest giver in these quests.

Since the military campaign in Androlynne is primarily a rescue mission, PCs can contribute via scouting, infiltrating, intelligence gathering, and minor skirmish with demonic forces. Outside of a good knowledge check, this experience could also provide the PCs with better insight on how BABY Sweetkiss was before as a noble warrior, and how the failed campaign in the Abyss led him down to the path of an escapist who rely on loud music, habitual cursing, and the noise of the crowd, as coping mechanisms to drown out the memories of his past.
Spoiler: CR11
BABY Sweetkiss has 6th-level cleric spells, unlimited inspire courage, countersong, fascinate, inspire competence, Detect Thoughts, Fireball, Wall of Fire, Polymorph, Greater Invisibility, and See Invisibility. Sonorous Hum16 provides concentration support. He protects his fans with standard cleric buffs, like Resist Energy, and debuffs like Dispel Magic against PCs.

Doomspeak: DC26 for a -10 penalty to attack rolls, skill checks, saves, and ability checks, making PCs less likely to resist Debauch and less likely to hit your fans. Divide and conquer can be implemented by focusing attacks or charm attempts on the Doomspeak victim.

Perform Modifier: 12 ranks + 2 MW instrument + 7 CHA + 2 per successful Aid Another from a fan + 15 when using Divine Insight. Easy DC40 turns Unfriendly to Helpful and Hostile to Friendly, and with enough aid from Bacchae DC50 turns Helpful to Fanatic and Hostile to Helpful.
Spoiler: CR14 (Sweet Spot)
Inspirational Boost for better inspire courage, Improvisation for luck bonus to near anything (including Perform checks), and Harmonize to start Bardic Music effects (including Bardic feats) as a move action.

Doomspeak: Penalty is increased to -20, at DC29. Harmonize allows up to 2 attempts per round, resulting at best case in either 2 PCs having -20 penalty (i.e. half the party) or 1 PC having a -20 penalty and likely failing your standard action save-based offense in the same round. If warranted to seal victory, Lesser Celerity allows a 3rd attempt.

Perform Modifier: 15 ranks + 2 MW instrument + 7 CHA + 2 per successful Aid Another from a fan + 15 when using Divine Insight + 3 when using Improvisation.
Spoiler: CR17
BABY Sweetkiss lags with 8th-level cleric spells and 3rd-level bard spells, but even low-levels buffs improve Bacchae's pathetic stats. Amplify significantly increases the range that people can hear him and thus be affected by his epic Perform checks.

Doomspeak: Penalty is increased to -30, at DC32. More spells aid in divide and conquer tactics, such as crowd control from Glitterdust and CL18 Word of Chaos spells.

Perform Modifier: 18 ranks + 2 MW instrument + 7 CHA + 2 per successful Aid Another from a fan + 15 when using Divine Insight + 5 when using Improvisation. DC50 is easy unaided.
Spoiler: CR20
BABY Sweetkiss's finishes with 9th-level cleric spells and 6th-level bard/sorc spells. BABY Sweetkiss has new emergency button with Contingency (Celerity). He gets better action economy courtesy of Protege spell cast on a Bacchae, and, if needed, Miracle can emulate Body Outside Body17 to make 4 clones for spamming SLAs and Bardic Music effects.

Doomspeak: Penalty is increased to -40, at DC35. More divide and conquer tactics via Fugue debuffs and Shadow Conjuration BFC. Clones can also attempt Doomspeak.

Perform Modifier: 21 ranks + 2 MW instrument + 7 CHA + 2 per successful Aid Another from a fan + 15 when using Divine Insight + 6 when using Improvisation +2 when using Protege on a Bacchae. DC50 autosucceeds.