The second MM3 template, and considerably easier to rate than the first one.

Spellwarped changes type to aberration, increases natural armor by a bit, modifies ability scores somewhat (+4 strength, +2 dexterity, +4 constitution, +4 intelligence), grants 11+HD spell resistance, and most importantly gives Spell Absorption.

The latter ability makes any resisted spell give the spellwarped creature one of six bonuses, chosen at the moment the spell resolves. Interestingly, while the first three effects (+4 enhancement to strength/dex/con) only last a minute, the temporary hit points, speed boost, and energy resistance don't have a set duration. By RAW, a spellwarped creature, with minimal caster support, has resistance 10 to all energy forms as well as a reasonable boost to speed.

Of course, the ability has in-combat uses too, and also manages to compensate for the double-edged nature of spell resistance a bit. Sure, missing out on a Protection From Evil spell sucks, but getting +4 strength kind of makes up for that.

In the end, I'm very torn between +1 and +2 LA. Spellwarped, especially when accounting for a base race, seems way stronger than most +1 LA races, but I'm somewhat unsure it stacks up to +2 LA ones. In the end I'll go with +2, but I am very open to arguments for other LAs.