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    Default Re: [Masks IC] Ressurrection Roundabout: Drawing Individuals

    [X]: GUILTY

    “Hell yeah, idiot,” @SARAPHIM says, limbering up behind Errant. “Your speech was kinda dorky, but whatever.” Which is her way of saying good job, keep it up.

    Then she steps forward. Is there a bit of hesitation in her swagger? Maybe. If she freezes up this time...

    “Hey. Your bots ain’t shit, chica. So come on out. I won’t zap you or nothing. Not yet.” The van bucks wildly under her, but she keeps her footing as she carefully cracks her knuckles. Turn up the drama and let it ride. “Got a promise to keep first with ya pretty little face.”

    [Provoke, even with the Guilty condition. Straight 7, so the ball’s in her court; I want her to come out into the open so @SARAHPHIM can make a big show of punching her. Gotta be #dangerous and #wildcard, y’all.]
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    Raz, you scoundrel! You planned this!
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    Great, and now I'm imagining what Raz's profile on a dating site would look like. "Must be okay with veils."
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    I don't think there is such a time to have veils that it is not the fault of Raz_Fox.
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    It's a freaking Romulan dump truck. The Romulans are no more likely to build an unarmed warp-capable ship than they are to become a hippy commune.