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    Default Re: [Masks IC] Ressurrection Roundabout: Drawing Individuals

    Angel-IKA: o.o this is intense
    Locker: remidns me of that one star wars scene with the locustbots on the spaceship
    Ferraphim1tp: I can't watch ><
    Ferraphim1tp: I'm just here for the shipping, okay!? This is way too scary! ><;;;

    Quote Originally Posted by Balmas View Post
    Any fan of bullet hell shooters--or, perhaps, someone who watches @SARAHPHIM streams--knows that it's usually not about your reflexes. No human being can accurately account for hundreds of projectiles and react to them in real time. Instead, it's usually about patterns, memorization, knowing about the one pocket of screenspace where you can stand unscathed by the chaos around you.

    That's Brainstorm fighting style in a nutshell. No big hammer blows, no electric light shows, none of the flashiness that the stream adores. Just prediction, economy of motion, and the quiet sh-sh-shifting of mutable cybernetics. Sidestep the shotgun blast--so obvious--while placing a hand on the goon's wrist. Disconnect the hand, let it start to crawl towards the trigger mechanism and work some interference, and drop to the knees to avoid the shred of fire from the combat remote. Zip between Maria's legs on newly-smooth limbs, taking the opportunity to strike out at the hamstrings, knock her off balance.

    It's stalling, it's delaying--it's ultimately probably ineffective. But it'll work until he can figure a way to let the heavy hitter out of the box.
    Maria comes towards you. You're ready. Any kick or punch and you're positioned to counter - martial arts is just applied physics, right? The moment she tenses up to hit you, you'll be out of the way.

    She doesn't tense up. She just keeps walking forwards.

    Too late you realize that she's too dumb to outsmart.

    She walks directly into you. It's like having a dump truck back up into you. It's effectively a bodyslam - maximum mass applied over maximum area and the fact that she's a power-armoured cyborg is inherently enough to turn a derpy move into an uncounterable offense. She doesn't fight like a human, she doesn't fight like a computer and with pixel-perfect weak points you can identify and navigate between. She fights like a tank. She knows she's invincible and so the entire logic of human-vs-human combat doesn't apply to her.

    You're reeling on the ground when she sprays you down with her wrist-mounted nanopulser. Nanopulsers started their production run as crowd control and nonlethal sidearms for police, but they quickly got pushed out of public service when they became associated with awful side effects and the odd dramatic malfunction. Like, say, when a set of nanotech prosthetics have their programming overridden by hostile nanobots. Your cybernetic limbs leave your control, twitching wildly - and then they turn on you.

    "Ah! So this is the moment when they say, 'stop hitting yourself'," said Maria brightly, pulling a heavy pistol from her holster. She aims it down at you, opening her mouth to say something else -

    And then Truck-kun claims another victim.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoeKun View Post
    She rolls backwards, finds the back of the van, and springs forward back into the fight. If Comstar thought a pile of smashed up computer stuff made a good line of defense, who was she to argue? Errant lunges and unleashes a series of exaggerated sweeping punches that knock the remains of servers, monitors, and what have you into the air to form a temporary scrap shield to guard @Sarahphim from the first barrage of the combat remotes. It's a bit crude maybe, but effective.

    "You can't defeat me with puppet strings." She taunts, recovering her game face.

    [If I'm right and my Influence adds to Defend rolls, then Errant scores a 10 protecting @Sarahphim. If not, it's a 9, and Errant is exposed. Either way, she clears the AFRAID condition]
    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    “Hey. Your bots ain’t shit, chica. So come on out. I won’t zap you or nothing. Not yet.” The van bucks wildly under her, but she keeps her footing as she carefully cracks her knuckles. Turn up the drama and let it ride. “Got a promise to keep first with ya pretty little face.”

    [Provoke, even with the Guilty condition. Straight 7, so the ball’s in her court; I want her to come out into the open so @SARAHPHIM can make a big show of punching her. Gotta be #dangerous and #wildcard, y’all.]
    BANG! The van smashes into the heaviest thing it's hit yet. The front of the vehicle is now wrapped a dazed Amazonian megatrooper - and she definitely took the favourable end of that trade. Just a little further down the hall is the reinforced steel bank door and the van is heading there at upwards of sixty.

    Perfect place to hold a round of fisticuffs.

    Comstar looks from Maria and the vault door on one side, to the two of you on the other. She's clearly thinking about leaving.

    But the shot is too good.

    Her grin abruptly returns.

    She jumps lithely over the pile of debris, coming towards you and meeting your challenge. "This is fine," she says as a computer console catches fire and a burning remote crashes down from above, "my plan is still good. You two will bow before me, you will help me finish this heist, and then you will wear whatever pretty dresses I choose to buy with the proceeds. This is fine. I am in control here."

    The vault door rapidly closes in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldest View Post
    Directive: Save them all. No matter the cost.

    Ferra stares at the door, trying to figure out the best way past, hoping secretly that her teammate would come up with a plan. Tick tock tick tock. Then the bullets start dinging off the door, and time's up: she feels a pulse kick in, a throbbing thud-thud, thud-thud, as something whirs online that had slept before, and she places her palm on the door, ignoring the damage readouts in order to do... something, she's not sure what, but she knows it will help, it will save them all.

    And she watches in surprise as a perfect ratio of air and door dissolves into a burst of Hawking radiation and vacuum in front of her.
    The portal opens. As smooth and perfect as the lines on a graphics calculator.

    And then a burning driverless van covered in killer robots barrels through the newly opened gap. Holes appear in the sides as lasers, shotgun blasts, and cyborg fists smash their way through. It misses you by centimetres and rampages on down the corridor towards the inner vault.

    Brainstorm is behind you, in serious trouble - his prosthetics are going wild and megatroopers are closing in on him from all sides.
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