Qotho, Horde-born Warrior of the Toba Plains

Qotho took a small step forward, cupping Rem's delicate chin under his thumb, and tilting her head up. "Princess, you are the one who wished to minister to the poor, the unwashed, and the downtrodden. Believe me, there is nothing more wretched on this earth, than the plight of those who find them selves in chains, and whose flesh is traded for coin." His eyes were deep and dark, however there was true concern, true caring when he spoke of slaves and their plight.

"Zu will not harm you, for, to do so, he will need to come through Shen and I. Should he, or his men, raise arms against us, his head will be affixed to my saddle by his own hair before morning."

And suddenly the caring in his eyes was gone, replaced by cold, callous violence.