The shot is perfect. @SARAHPHIM brushes her hair out of her face and grins savagely. ďPlease. Canít afford who I wear, bitch.Ē A statement that would almost certainly be factually incorrect, should Comstar succeed in her heisting, but confident and snappy: trademark. She raises her fists, gets ready to close the distance between them-

And Errant barrels past her in a surge of might thatís borderline embarrassing to watch. Comstar ends up on the ground, one two three, and the momentís gone. Deflated.

ďNice work, police girl,Ē Sara says, and I have to admit itís a bit snarl-y. Not that anyone was just upstaged, nooooo. She takes a moment to stomp on Comstarís kidney and then nimbly jumps past to the controls.

Time to use that super-smart brain to shut this down and save the day. Heck, maybe itís better that sheís the one doing this instead of throwing down with Comstar, like she was obviously setting up, because itís not like a dumbass like Kimmy could figure this out.

Now... uh.


Which wire is it this time?

[Predictably, I managed an amazing 5 on Assess the Situation. Wheeeee! +1 POTENTIAL]