Errant's face flushes and she scrambles off of Comstar as quickly as she can. She hoists the villain into a shoulder carry and stands as straight as humanly possible in a desperate attempt to appear at least a little bit in control of things. Considering she's maybe chest high to this suddenly appearing twisted super nightmare version of herself, you can imagine how well that must play.

Bzzt! Wrong again. She'd panicked. She'd panicked and she hadn't even realized it and now Sara's hurt and in trouble again and just... god damn it you moron you trained for this what is wrong with you? She adjusts her grip a little and tries not to wince when Comstar's face presses up against the burns she'd put on Errant's back. Then she moves, as slowly as she dares toward the front of the van with her free arm raised in a placating gesture. She keeps her front toward Maria, always keeping her body between the megatrooper and her prisoner despite how gross this makes her feel.

"Um," she begins with all the eloquence expected of a trained officer, "Just to be clear here, you're claiming an official AEGIS operational asset as your prisoner? That's, uh, in violation of a bunch of bylaws and corporate agreements. Just having this conversation is going to bury the both of us in paperwork for weeks. Can we maybe lower the stakes a little here?"

She's stalling for time she doesn't really have. Oh my god, stupid conscience why do you even care what happens to Comstar? This should be the easiest move in your life! Instead, her eyes dart around the room, looking everywhere but directly at @Sarahphim (please dear god in heaven don't let this cost me more than an apology shopping spree. If it burns my next three paychecks that's getting off easy). Her brain cycles through her options. Anyone can see the situation is untenable. She needs to get out of here with her teammate and if at all possible her prisoner too. Did she have any moves? What was the best way to do a snatch-and-dash? What would end this in general?

[And that's a 10 on Assess the Situation, which really only further emphasizes who should have been in charge of what here. High fives all around, team!]