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    Default Re: [Masks IC] Resurrection Roundabout: Drawing Individuals

    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    [X]: GUILTY

    Of course nothing is easy ever and life is miserable and face is pain. If Errant had just let her punch Comstar a few times, this wouldn’t be happening, so, you know, thanks for that, Kimmy. Real take one for the team moment there.

    “Careful with the goods, you clinically lobotomized gorilla,” she manages, going on autopilot for the mouth words because her bloody nose is going up and that’s distracting. “I have all the functioning limbs in this team and I want to keep it that way.” Haha we’re all laughing and having fun and Mami doesn’t need the stress of another kid with a blown-out spine.

    And while we do this, all casual and not worried about the impending crash, @SARAHPHIM is simultaneously scrolling through her Chat on the visor, tracking it to eye movement, gambling that she’ll get an idea from them. And they probably won’t notice. Or they’ll just feel awesome they were on the same wavelength. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

    [That’s a 9 on Seeking Help From Audience, and if it’s not a shipping-related demand with high stakes I will be very disappointed.]
    Angel-IKA: It's going to crash! Holy crap, I can't believe it hasn't crashed already!
    Ferraphim1tp: ><
    Ferraphim1tp: ><
    Bode: Don't worry, Errant has this. AEGIS has trained her for exactly this scenario and she will deal with it like a professional.
    Ferraphim1tp: ><
    Locker: sure ok. i still think thryre fkced. car accidents are no joke
    Ferraphim1tp: ARGH!!!!! NO. STOP. ENOUGH

    The neon pink lights on all the consoles flicker radioactive neon green. The brakes engage. There's a huge loud screech of tearing rubber as the van's speed makes its way rapidly down to zero. Maria shakes as the floor sways unsteadily. The damaged engine coughs, sparks, dies. The van slides to a stop mere meters away from the inner vault door.

    Angel-IKA: o.o ehhhhh?
    Locker: oh yeah ok. i guess that solves that problem.
    Ferraphim1tp: I don't care! I don't want to see it! I want to see, idk, Errant and Comstar hook up because they were clearly having a moment back there - not this Fast and Furious crap! Argh! ><;;;;
    Angel-IKA: Wait, wait, are you saying that you did that? O.O

    @Sarahphim, you haven't gotten any closer to escaping Maria, but now you don't need to figure out your answer in the next fifteen seconds. You've got space to breathe, think, and maybe use your acid tongue to get yourself an advantage.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoeKun View Post
    "Um," she begins with all the eloquence expected of a trained officer, "Just to be clear here, you're claiming an official AEGIS operational asset as your prisoner? That's, uh, in violation of a bunch of bylaws and corporate agreements. Just having this conversation is going to bury the both of us in paperwork for weeks. Can we maybe lower the stakes a little here?"

    She's stalling for time she doesn't really have. Oh my god, stupid conscience why do you even care what happens to Comstar? This should be the easiest move in your life! Instead, her eyes dart around the room, looking everywhere but directly at @Sarahphim (please dear god in heaven don't let this cost me more than an apology shopping spree. If it burns my next three paychecks that's getting off easy). Her brain cycles through her options. Anyone can see the situation is untenable. She needs to get out of here with her teammate and if at all possible her prisoner too. Did she have any moves? What was the best way to do a snatch-and-dash? What would end this in general?

    [And that's a 10 on Assess the Situation, which really only further emphasizes who should have been in charge of what here. High fives all around, team!]
    I'll read the first part of that as: 'What could I use to get an advantage?' Well, if Maria is built at all like you, that means she's also vulnerable to the same things you are - for instance, the dedicated attention of an expert hacker. That means letting Comstar back off the leash which is a sucky thing to do after everything you had to go through to bring her down, but she's the most effective weapon you've got on hand.

    The second part scans as, 'How could you best end this quickly'? Everyone here is focused on what's behind that vault door. You don't know what Comstar's plan is but you have the feeling she's got a lot of tech and aspects to her plan she hasn't shown yet. BlackSun is coming in force. Your best play is getting your own hands on whatever's in that vault before anyone else does - with that in hand you'll have leverage on everyone at once.

    "Ay, yes," said Maria, frowning as she steadied herself as the van screeches to a halt. She wasn't expecting it but she's a relentlessly stable person so there wasn't an opening to lunge at her throughout. "Agreements. Paperwork," she shrugged. "Politician stuff. I just say what the shouty voices say. They say that I have captured all three of your team so I will want three BlackSun operatives held by AEGIS plus the hacker to let you go. But some of them are yelling that is too generous, I don't know what your yelling voices are saying,"

    Quote Originally Posted by Balmas View Post
    [X] Afraid


    "Good, ah, morning, Prometheus," Brainstorm quavers. "That is a very big gun. Did Blacksun give that to you?"

    Why is he here? What the crap is his game? Does he take some kind of sick satisfaction in seeing me squirm?

    And does he have to keep calling me Dad?
    "Oh no, dad, I gave it to BlackSun," said Prometheus. "I mean, you told me to share my toys, right? You know they had an AI? Not a good one, a really crap mission control thing - don't worry, I got rid of it. I know how much you hate AIs." =)

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldest View Post
    Ferra is very much a "one problem at a time" person. She's got a hostage situation going on behind her, she's got a van barreling through the vault of the bank, she's got a smiley face on a visor (she's not sure why that's a threat, yet, but she just knows it is), and she's got a Brainstorm on the ground with limbs going haywire. Time to fix the first one.
    Brainstorm's in serious trouble. This isn't a simple IT fix - the nanobots are entangled on a, well, nanoscopic level. You'd need weird alternate reality powers to fix a problem like that in the field!

    Alternately you might try knocking the heads of an entire Megagoon squad in until you find another Nanopulser and maybe work out a shutdown command from that. They are aware of you so it's going to be a pretty nasty direct brawl if you want to take it.
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