"They're saying... they're saying..."

Errant takes an awkward half step to steady herself when the van comes to a sudden, unexpected stop. And that, right there, that tiny bit of motion is the difference between her and Maria. Between victory and defeat and Sara's freshly ruined spine. She scowls. Her free hand automatically goes up and runs through her hair, which lifts up and falls again in a perfect silver wave that frames either side of her face. Right then. At least she'll still look nice when she dies.

And then she laughs. Normal Errant laughter is kind of stuttery and more than a little dorky, but this is clear and biting. Mirthless. Her face splits into a dark grin.

"Actually? Fuck it. I've worked so hard for AEGIS and what did that get me? Here? This? Nah, I'm done. I'm done. Fuck it. I'm a supervillain now, I don't care. Here, watch this, first theft: Comstar's mine now. Not yours, not AEGIS', all mine. Haha, that was easy!"

With a giggle, she lowers Comstar back onto her feet as gently as can be.

"Awesome. So next I'm gonna steal Sara, and then she'll be mine too. And after that? Think I'll crack your vault in half, and swipe everything the least bit cool or valuable, then buy a bunch of pretty dresses for me and all of my new toys to wear! Hm, yes, even Victor."

She claps her hands together and stands there oozing confidence she does not have onto the van floor.

[Errant is attempting to Provoke Comstar into hacking Maria, "stealing" the team back, and robbing a bank vault with. If that seems like should be an easy sell, it's because it is. My roll is a 13. Now who's a puppet?]