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    Default Re: [Masks IC] Resurrection Roundabout: Drawing Individuals

    Quote Originally Posted by Thanqol View Post
    "Oh no, dad, I gave it to BlackSun," said Prometheus. "I mean, you told me to share my toys, right? You know they had an AI? Not a good one, a really crap mission control thing - don't worry, I got rid of it. I know how much you hate AIs." =)
    Victor sighs, and tries to ignore the twitching of his limbs. "Prometheus... You know that's not true. Somebody who hates AIs doesn't dig through twenty-year-old scientific journals, and then invest time, money, hope and faith into building what they view as the next great improvement in that field.

    "With that said, you have some incredibly ****ty timing, d'you know that? Why're you here? Is it to murder me? Because if so, you aren't gonna get a better shot, and realistically there's not a damn thing I can do to stop you." Mania edges around his chuckle. "So, m'ijo, either stop gloating like a supervillain and take the shot, or get the gun out of my face and tell me what you want."
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