Excuse me? Euna Kim, your first kiss is almost certainly going to be in the stationary aisle at a DepotWorld, pressed up against some stamps. You organize your socks by color. You lecture certain heroines who deserve the chance to relax and blow off steam about “underage drinking.” The only person who could possibly think you’re actually doing this would be someone who’s never met you.

Orrrrr someone who’s feeling awkward about the look on Euna’s face while she was straddling Comstar, particularly while the chat explodes about it. Not that she’s into Euna or anything. But, dammit, she’ll be dead and burning on Satan’s barbecue grill before she lets StarKim be a thing.

Sara folds her arms. While dangling upside down. “Look, Errant, doll, you had me up until you had the brainless idea that ComBomb here is worth stealing. Give me a break. Bitch can’t even pull off a heist worth nothing. No sense of fashion, mugs her tatas for the cameras because they’re more exploitable than her flattened-pit-bull face, and she’s your first instinct to steal? Really? Please. I am worth millions. Or did a little pink snazzle and spark really turn your head that quick?”

The chance of the shippers failing to pounce on this isn’t even worth calculating. Shippers gonna ship. Also, this is cathartic, especially watching that dumb face get punched verbally. Ha. Try to take her followers, will you?

[Going for a Provoke on Errant, here; @SARAHPHIM wants to be recognized as a priority, because she’s selfish and also because this is Good Stream Content. Rolled a 7, so hype up @SARAHPHIM at Comstar’s expense or mark a Condition.]