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Spoiler: Image

Spoiler: Story

All they saw was a somewhat freakish looking woman. That was their first and last error on this earth. I savor the looks of surprise and terror on their faces as my claws rip the life-force from their bodies and send them into the afterlife.

All life is pain, and anyone who would tell you otherwise is trying to sell you something. You are conceived, born, live, and die in pain. My own existence has mirrored this as well. My mother somehow drew the ill attention of some demon princeling, and paid for it with my birth, which in turn ended her suffering, or so the telling goes. Clearly I am different, but just as clearly I am stronger as well.

There are two goals worth seeking in this life. The first is survival, and the second is the eradication of the so called Gods. They think themselves above us, but soon they shall learn the folly of that line of thought. That will be a glorious day.

Enough talk, the arena calls. It is time to send another fool to their rightful place.

Spoiler: Racial stuff

CE Vashar Half-Fiend (Aspect of Bel) Totemist2/Fighter1/Aerial Avenger 7/Thayan Gladiator 6

Outsider (extraplanar), speed 30/fly 30 (average)
NA +5, STR +6, CON +4, DEX/INT/CHA +2
Full attack: 2x claw 1d4, 2x Wings 1d4, bite 1d6, tail 1d6
1/day Smite Good (HD damage in melee attack)

SLAs by HD if INT or WIS 8+, CL=HD: (can replace* w/ thematic same combat usefulness spells)
1-2 Darkness 3/day
3-4 Darkbolt*
5-6 Unholy Blight
7-8 Poison 3/day
9-10 Dispel Magic*
11-12 Teleport*
13-14 Unholy Aura 3/day
15-16 Horrid Wilting

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60ft, Immunity to Poison, Acid/Cold/Fire/Elec resist 10, DR 5/good >11HD, DR 10/good <12HD. Natural weapons treated as magic to overcome DR. SR=Racial HD+10 (11)
Skills: at 1st by class as well as all skills for Bel as class skills.
LA +4

STR 16, DEX 12, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 14
STR 22, DEX 14, CON 18, INT 12, WIS 12, CHA 16
All points into STR


Elder Evil Devotion - Pandorym: 1 vile feat at creation, and 1 vile feat per 5HD

Spoiler: Build

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
5th Half-Fiend Totemist 0 2 2 0 Conc 4, Know-Planes 4, Listen 4, Spot 4, Surv 4, Tumble 4 Multiattack, (B) Evil Brand, (B) Evil's Blessing Wild Empathy, Illiteracy, Soulmelds, Skilled City Dweller ACF (Ride/Tumble)
6th Totemist 2 1 3 3 0 Conc 5, Know 5, Listen 5, SPot 5, Surv 5, Tumble 5 - Totem Chakra Bind +1
7th Fighter 2 5 3 0 Intim 4 Expeditious Dodge, (B) Mobility -
8th Aerial Avenger 2 5 5 0 cc-Know 6, Balance 1, Conc 6, Escape 1, Listen 6, Tumble 7 (B)Flyby Attack -
9th Aerial Avenger 2 3 5 6 0 cc-Spot 6, Balance 3, Conc 7, Escape 2, Listen 7, Tumble 8 (B) Blood War Conscript Momentum +1, Power Dive
10th Aerial Avenger 3 4 6 6 1 cc-Know 7, Balance 5, Conc 8, Escape 3, Listen 8, Tumble 9 Weapon Focus (Claw) Maneuverability Increase (good), Speed +10
11th Aerial Avenger 4 5 6 7 1 cc-Spot 7, cc-Intim 5, Conc 9, Escape 5, Tumble 10 - Death From Above +1, Range Increase
12th Aerial Avenger 5 5 6 7 1 cc-Know 8, cc-Intim 6, Conc 10, Escape 7, Tumble 11 - Momentum +2
13th Aerial Avenger 6 6 7 8 2 cc-Spot 8, cc-Intim 7, Conc 11, Escape 9, Tumble 12 Azure Toughness Swoop
14th Aerial Avenger 7 7 7 8 2 cc-Know 9, Conc 12, Escape 11, Listen 10, Tumble 13 (B)Hellsworn Maneuver Increase (perfect), Speed +10
15th Thayan Gladiator 8 9 8 2 Bluff 1, Intim 8, Sense 1, Spot 9 (B)Improved Natural Attack (Claw) Study Opponent
16th Thayan Gladiator 2 9 10 8 2 Bluff 2, Intim 9, Sense 2, Spot 10 Rapid Assault Improved Critical (Claw), NA +1
17th Thayan Gladiator 3 10 10 9 3 Bluff 3, Intim 10, Sense 3, Spot 11 - Stunning Critical, Silver Strike
18th Thayan Gladiator 4 11 11 9 3 Bluff 4, Intim 11, Sense 4, Spot 12 - Natural Weapon Focus
19th Thayan Gladiator 5 12 11 9 3 Bluff 5, Intim 12, Spot the Weak Point Iron Will (B) Vile Martial Strike Imbue Natural Weapon (Shock), NA +2
20th Thayan Gladiator 6 13 12 11 4 Intim 13, Sense 6, Spot 13 - Adamantine Strike

Spoiler: Melds/Feats

Soulmelds (3 w/ 3 essentia total):
Girallon Arms: Totem bind (arms) +2 Climb and Grapple checks and +2 to each per essenita invested, 4 extra claws, +1 attack/dmg per essential invested
Manticore Belt: Totem bind (waist), +2 Jump/Spot and +2 to each per essentia invested. Standard action, snap tail to fire spines equal to essentia invested each doing 1d6+1/2 STR at 30/150ft range
Threefold Mask of the Chimera: Totem bind (crown or soul), can’t be flanked, shaping only

Vile Feats
Blood War Conscript – vs lawful or good, gain +1 attack/damage
Evil Brand - +2 Diplo/Intim vs Evil
Evil’s Blessing – standard action to activate, for 5 rounds, CHA to saves, if deal damage to a Good target during any round, Double CHA to saves for duration
Vile Martial Strike – Each hit w/ Weapon Focus weapon (claw) does an extra 1 vile damage
Hellsworn – extraplanar subtype, (Hell’s Fury) 1/round as free action, designate a foe, all melee/ranged attacks for weapon you have Weapon Focus for do an extra 1d6 Unholy damage.

Multiattack – secondary natural attacks at only -2
Expeditious Dodge - +2 to AC vs 1 opponent
Mobility - +4 AC vs AoO
Flyby Attack – attack as part of movement
Weapon Focus (Claw) - +1 to attacks w/ claws
Azure Toughness – Gain 1 essentia, can invest into feat, each essentia equals 3 temp HP
Improved Natural Attacks (Claw) – all claw attacks one step higher in dmg
Improved Critical (Claw) – double threat range
Rapid Assault – all attacks in first round of combat do +1d6 damage
Iron Will - +2 to the abysmal will save

Spoiler: Levels

V: Just 1 HD, but SR/DR and resistances on top of a high Natural Armor bonus, and 3/day Darkness help keep you alive. Multiattack really helps out a 0 BAB. With a STR mod of 6, that's still claw +4/claw +2/wing +2/wing +2/bite +2/tail +2, all doing +6 extra damage. Likely only shaping the Chimera mask at this point for flanking immunity. Evil's Blessing takes a little planning, but is either a +3 or +6 to all saves for a few rounds.

X: Pick up 4 more claw attacks, and finally some BAB. With essentia in Girallon Arms, each claw (6) now has a +13 to hit for the primary, and +11 for all secondary attacks. Each claw does 9-10 extra damage, and moved up a step in the die damage. Flyby attack is used with Manticore Belt (which gets the full to hit for each spine), which also benefits from blood war and momentum for 2 extra damage per spine. Full attack is now claw+13/claw+11/claw+11/claw+11/claw+11/claw+11/wing+11/wing+11/bite+11/tail+11.

XV: Things are getting crazy now. BAB +8, Str +7, Death from above +1, B. War +1, Weap Focus +1, Study +1 means a to hit of 19 for claws, only 1 less for the others. Hellsworn gives another 1d6 Unholy damage to all 6 claw attacks, which also are doing Str +7, Momentum +2, B. War +1 in damage if airborne, only losing out on momentum if you're on the ground. Full attack is now claw+19,+14/claw +17/claw+17/claw+17/claw+17/claw+17/wing+17/wing+17/bite+17/tail+17. Perfect maneuverability means you can now hover in place and still attack from the air.

XX: This block is all about improving the massive pile of natural attacks available. Improved Critical (claw), Vile Martial Strike (claw), Silver and adamantine strike for the claws, as well as stunning critical. BAB +13, Str +8, Weap Focus +1, B. War +1, Death +1, Study +1 means the claws now are hitting at +25/+23 each. Rapid strike adds a d6 to every attack made in the first round of combat, meaning each claw is doing 1d6+1d6(RS)+1d6 Unholy+1d6 shock+8 str+1 vile+2 momentum in the first round, and only 1d6 shock less otherwise. Assuming all attacks hit in the first round, you'd be doing 6x claws for 24d6+48+6 vile+12, 2x wings 2d4+2d6+2 vile +16 Str+4, and a wing and bite at both 2d6+1 vile+8str+2 for a total of around 30d6+2d4+82+10 vile +20 as either silvered, adamantium, or magical weapons.

I forgot about Natural Weapon Focus from T. Gladiator until all these other numbers were added up. from 18th on, you now have an additional claw attack from all 6 claws at -5 to hit, so that'd be something like +25/+20/+20 main hand, and +23/+18 for each of the 5 other claws in your attack pattern, so now you're doing 17 attacks a round for all the pain.

It's hard to pick a sweet spot, but let's go w/ 13 when swoop can be massively abused.

SLA's are doing:
Darkness: 3/day for 160 mins
Darkbolt: 5d8 (half cold, half untyped) and range increased to 90ft thanks to Aerial Avenger
Unholy Blight: 5d8 or 10d6 vs good outsiders
Poison 3/day 1d10 CON/1d10 CON
Dispel: duh
Teleport: 1600 mile range
Unholy Aura: 3/day for 16 rounds, +4 AC/saves, SR to 25, immunity to possession/influence, and 1d6 STR damage to any good creature that hits you in melee
Horrid Wilting: 16d6 or 16d8 vs plants/water elementals in a 60ft diameter burst

Spoiler: General Playstyle

Manticore belt and SLA's provide ranged combat options. Flyby attack and Giralon Arms makes for either 1 powerful attack, or a flyby grappling. Once maneuverability gets up to perfect, you can hover in place and apply all the things to the natural attacks, granting you 11 per round. Act as a harrier in the air, poking at the flanks (or swooping through the ranks), or drop into the maelstrom and become a whirlwind of death. With such a high to hit mod, means you could attack say 15 opponents all at +10 to hit for max damage on your claw of 1d6+1d6 Unholy+1d6 rapid strike+1d6 shock+1 vile+8 STR +2 momentum w/o provoking AoO, and can do this every single round, only losing out on rapid strike damage.

Target down the buffed up tank charging you w/ dispel magic, or run away with teleport should the fight go south.

Unfortunately there's no ACF's for dumping Wild Empathy from the Totemist. With DM approval, Voice of the City(druid acf) might be thematic allowing you to communicate with others who speak a language you don't. Or even better, Celesital Slayer (ranger acf) for more hate on good stuff.

Spoiler: Sources

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