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    Default Re: [Masks IC] Resurrection Roundabout: Drawing Individuals

    Angel-IKA: Oh nooooooo not Errant! You're better than this! You need to fight against Comstar's raw magnetism!
    Bode: I did not expect her to crack under the pressure - but I am not surprised. The job can take its toll upon even the best.
    Ferraphim1tp: Oh no, the power of true love is being used for evil! D:
    Locker: hmm. yeah i ship it.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoeKun View Post
    "Actually? Fuck it. I've worked so hard for AEGIS and what did that get me? Here? This? Nah, I'm done. I'm done. Fuck it. I'm a supervillain now, I don't care. Here, watch this, first theft: Comstar's mine now. Not yours, not AEGIS', all mine. Haha, that was easy!"

    With a giggle, she lowers Comstar back onto her feet as gently as can be.

    "Awesome. So next I'm gonna steal Sara, and then she'll be mine too. And after that? Think I'll crack your vault in half, and swipe everything the least bit cool or valuable, then buy a bunch of pretty dresses for me and all of my new toys to wear! Hm, yes, even Victor."

    She claps her hands together and stands there oozing confidence she does not have onto the van floor.

    [Errant is attempting to Provoke Comstar into hacking Maria, "stealing" the team back, and robbing a bank vault with. If that seems like should be an easy sell, it's because it is. My roll is a 13. Now who's a puppet?]
    Comstar is the kind of person that doesn't even spend a moment to think critically about a situation like this. There's no moment where she hesitates and thinks up a plan, there's no moment where she wonders what's going on. Her instincts are all about the Show, and when the Show gets a sudden heel-turn then you go with it.

    So as soon as her feet touch the ground she's grinning, and as soon as that happens a Repeater flies out of nowhere from out in the corridor and hits Maria squarely in the back. The megagoon doesn't even feel the impact as it mag-locks onto her back plate and only notices the hack taking place when her paralyzed hand drops the gun and then she puts her heel through it, shattering it into pieces.

    From behind Maria, a second Comstar de-cloaks with a chirpy salute. The original relaxedly puts her arm around Errant's shoulders. "Glad to see you came to your senses," she said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    Sara folds her arms. While dangling upside down. “Look, Errant, doll, you had me up until you had the brainless idea that ComBomb here is worth stealing. Give me a break. Bitch can’t even pull off a heist worth nothing. No sense of fashion, mugs her tatas for the cameras because they’re more exploitable than her flattened-pit-bull face, and she’s your first instinct to steal? Really? Please. I am worth millions. Or did a little pink snazzle and spark really turn your head that quick?”

    The chance of the shippers failing to pounce on this isn’t even worth calculating. Shippers gonna ship. Also, this is cathartic, especially watching that dumb face get punched verbally. Ha. Try to take her followers, will you?

    [Going for a Provoke on Errant, here; @SARAHPHIM wants to be recognized as a priority, because she’s selfish and also because this is Good Stream Content. Rolled a 7, so hype up @SARAHPHIM at Comstar’s expense or mark a Condition.]
    Quote Originally Posted by PhoeKun View Post

    Despite everything, Errant is shaking and her face is redder than the setting sun. What is the matter with -- Are you seri -- Is she trying to say that she?!?

    She snaps her fingers, which without real hands makes a loud metallic clicking noise, and points right to Sarahphim.

    "Y-you just sit there, look pretty, and shut up, ok?! I am not the old Errant and you are not going to push me around! When I get done with you we'll see how much you have to complain about!"

    [Errant's marking ANGRY, because she is a for-real supervillain gosh darn it, and because she has only succeeded at flattering Sara without tearing down Comstar. D-do we need a ring?]
    "Yeah, you tell her!" said Comstar. She keys into her cyberdeck and Maria stiffly pivots and walks towards the inner vault console, still carrying @Sarahphim by one foot. She brings her eye up to the retinal scan panel. "Don't worry. @Sarahphim will come around. She talks big now but after I gain complete control of her neural cybernetics, put her in a sufficiently pretty dress, and merge our streaming channels she'll finally blossom into the true megastar she was meant to be!" Comstar's eyes are bright as she considers the possibilities. "Because we're all amazing. We're the coolest, most powerful, most dynamic people on the planet. We have chemistry and we have vision. And we're going to the top together, even if we have to drag each other all the way up there!"

    [@Sarahphim, Errant, Comstar wants to shift your Saviour down and Superior up. Accept what she says or Reject her Influence.]

    Quote Originally Posted by Balmas View Post
    Victor sighs, and tries to ignore the twitching of his limbs. "Prometheus... You know that's not true. Somebody who hates AIs doesn't dig through twenty-year-old scientific journals, and then invest time, money, hope and faith into building what they view as the next great improvement in that field.

    "With that said, you have some incredibly ****ty timing, d'you know that? Why're you here? Is it to murder me? Because if so, you aren't gonna get a better shot, and realistically there's not a damn thing I can do to stop you." Mania edges around his chuckle. "So, m'ijo, either stop gloating like a supervillain and take the shot, or get the gun out of my face and tell me what you want."
    "Oh, please. For a genius you lack imagination," said Prometheus. "Is it really so hard to consider that I genuinely want to -"

    Suddenly the smiley face emoji shifted: =I

    "All units, we he have lost connection to Maria," said Prometheus, suddenly all business, standing up and taking his eyes off you. "Move in, now!"
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