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"Oh, please. For a genius you lack imagination," said Prometheus. "Is it really so hard to consider that I genuinely want to -"

Suddenly the smiley face emoji shifted: =I

"All units, we he have lost connection to Maria," said Prometheus, suddenly all business, standing up and taking his eyes off you. "Move in, now!"
Voice breaking, Victor sputters after Prometheus's retreating back, "You pointed a gun at my face! Pardon me for mistaking your earnest attempt at a friendly conversation!"

Crap. Okay. Surprising, how gutwrenching terror could laser focus him when a more diffuse panic would paralyze. Right.

-Situation: Limbs compromised. Threatened by BlackSun operatives, which apparently now included a wayward AI. Nanobots hacked. Nanopulsar use--illegal nanopulsar use, but since when did laws matter to anybody? Flip knows why Prometheus is here.
-Goals: It'd be nice to be able to scratch the itch on his nose without getting a fist to do it for him right now. Nanopulsar can undo damage it caused.
-Resources: Teammates distracted or compromised. No help there. Limbs still moving, which is a plus, and still targeting him, which is not. Torso not paralyzed, ditto neck and head. Nanopulsar discarded on impact with truck.
-Plan: Earthworm across floor towards nanopulsar. Chaos means that right now, nobody's targeting him, so the biggest danger is a stray bullet. Reprogram nanopulsar--possibly with tongue? Shoot self, profit!

Right. Plan. Now to put it into motion.