"...Sara is perfect the way she is."

Crap. Crap, crap, crap. God, that wasn't even a tiny bit villain-y, Euna what are you doing? Errant turns her head to one side to try to hide the look on her face. Of course, with the Stream Dream Team there's cameras everywhere, but shut up. This is hard, ok?

Right, uh... villain. Come on, save the performance. She puts a hand on the back of Comstar's neck and closes her fingers, but doesn't squeeze.

"I don't need your hacker crap to make her mine. This is my coming out party, so don't go weirding it up."

And she watches the vault door open with laser intensity. Be first. No distractions, just find your leverage and acquire it. Now, what's BlackSun so desperate to defend?

[Errant scores a 7 to Reject Comstar's Influence. She is choosing to instead shift her Savior up and Soldier down. She's actually pretty sure she's going to get fired for all of this, but this is all to save lives]