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    Default Re: [Masks IC] Resurrection Roundabout: Drawing Individuals

    Angel-IKA: Hey, Ferraphim, you okay?
    Ferraphim1tp: Yeah. I'm much calmer now thanks ^^;;
    Angel-IKA: Not to be, like, a jerk or anything, but are you sure this is your thing if it stresses you out so much?
    Ferraphim1tp: Well... see, I'm a big shy scaredy-cat IRL. So yeah, I don't exactly like loud noises and explosions, but I do love how Sarah deals with it. Like, I'm still shaking a little bit and I wasn't even there, but look at Sarah - she's just mad that she's upside down. I want to be more like her.
    Angel-IKA: Hey, that's really cool.
    Ferraphim1tp: :)

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoeKun View Post
    "...Sara is perfect the way she is."

    Crap. Crap, crap, crap. God, that wasn't even a tiny bit villain-y, Euna what are you doing? Errant turns her head to one side to try to hide the look on her face. Of course, with the Stream Dream Team there's cameras everywhere, but shut up. This is hard, ok?

    Right, uh... villain. Come on, save the performance. She puts a hand on the back of Comstar's neck and closes her fingers, but doesn't squeeze.

    "I don't need your hacker crap to make her mine. This is my coming out party, so don't go weirding it up."

    And she watches the vault door open with laser intensity. Be first. No distractions, just find your leverage and acquire it. Now, what's BlackSun so desperate to defend?
    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    [X]: ANGRY
    [X]: GUILTY

    "Excuse me?" Now there's a flush on Sara's face that's not entirely because she's being dangled upside down. "You- I am the best, not you, how dare you compare yourself to me? Put me down and I will rob the living fuck out of this bank. With streamer bonuses! Yeah, you don't even do giveaways, do you, you sloppy, overgrown pile of cactus thorns!"

    What was the original purpose for coming here? Who cares? @SARAHPHIM has a new goal: being the best goddamn bank robber in the Tri-State area. Better than this double Comstar act of sloppiness over here.

    [Yes, that was a 6 on Rejecting Influence. +Superior, -Savior, whee!]
    Comstar looks a little bit vague for a second. You think you can hear her muttering 'givaways' under her breath. Then she perks up. "Great idea! This is why I said you're the best!"

    The vault door rumbles open. Layers of hardlight shielding disconnect, finally revealing... uh...

    Like, imagine a high tech surgical facility, except instead of operating on humans it's for books.

    There's a book on something like an operating table - not a old or fancy book either, just one of those A4 spiral-bound notebooks you can get for a dollar at a newsagency. It's surrounded by the complicated and sprawling limbs of an operating robot, tables filled with weird tools, an enormous focusing lens, laser cutters, a shelf full of strange chemicals, and anything else you might imagine someone would need to do whatever it is that they do here. Maybe Brainstorm could make heads or tails of this place but you two certainly can't.

    The operating robot is diligently working away at intensely scanning a single letter on a page, unaware of or incapable of responding to your presence. One of the Comstars chirpily walks over along with Maria (still carrying @Sarahphim) over to the book, while the second hangs back with Errant. "Sorry girls, this isn't the money door, I'm just here for the book," said Comstar. "But there is a money door back in low sec - let's hit it on our way back out of here!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldest View Post
    Directive: Save them all. No matter the cost.

    Ferra watches the mayhem unfold passively, waiting for her moment. Errant, Comstar, a Megatrooper, another Comstar, and Saraphim are doing... something behind her, but her focus is on smiley-face and Brainstorm. Talking, talking, talking... smiley-face shifted, mood changed, attention shifted, move now. She shifts forward, reaching across Brainstorm, tapping with a finger twice on the armored shoulder of the unknown. The followup right cross was worthy of a diagram in a textbook on boxing.
    You do have to walk through a little heavy gunfire for the second time today - take a powerful blow in exchange. But there's an upside: Megagoons are the most satisfying people in the world to punch.

    Their armour composites are made out of reactive neoglass alloys underneath the external fabric layer, designed to provide ballistics-resistant impact distribution. In layman's terms, that means whenever you hit one the glass underneath their armour shatters with a visceral 'crunch'. Then they fall over groaning because their high tech armour is secured against bullet impacts and laser beams and they just got hurt exactly as bad as an ordinary person.

    In a couple of seconds you have them on the ground, you have the nanopulser, and its a simple matter to disable the hostile nanobots screwing with Brainstorms' systems.

    Quote Originally Posted by Balmas View Post
    Voice breaking, Victor sputters after Prometheus's retreating back, "You pointed a gun at my face! Pardon me for mistaking your earnest attempt at a friendly conversation!"

    Crap. Okay. Surprising, how gutwrenching terror could laser focus him when a more diffuse panic would paralyze. Right.

    -Situation: Limbs compromised. Threatened by BlackSun operatives, which apparently now included a wayward AI. Nanobots hacked. Nanopulsar use--illegal nanopulsar use, but since when did laws matter to anybody? Flip knows why Prometheus is here.
    -Goals: It'd be nice to be able to scratch the itch on his nose without getting a fist to do it for him right now. Nanopulsar can undo damage it caused.
    -Resources: Teammates distracted or compromised. No help there. Limbs still moving, which is a plus, and still targeting him, which is not. Torso not paralyzed, ditto neck and head. Nanopulsar discarded on impact with truck.
    -Plan: Earthworm across floor towards nanopulsar. Chaos means that right now, nobody's targeting him, so the biggest danger is a stray bullet. Reprogram nanopulsar--possibly with tongue? Shoot self, profit!

    Right. Plan. Now to put it into motion.
    It's a good plan given the circumstances but you're probably a little glad you don't have to put it into action. Ferra tears through the Megagoons and gets you back on your feet; there are no immediate threats from where you are now. Prometheus has disconnected from immediate control of the goons but you doubt that's the last you'll see of him.
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